For context: screenshotted from Daily Mail on the infamous WaPo 'pregnant people and COVID' article. What do you do when women are angry about the words for us being erased and TRAs are angry about words for women continuing to exist and be used? Filler text!

my pronouns are lorem/ipsum

(seriously this is so funny thank you, how do these make it into production)

Picturing some poor schmuck low level advertiser looking at the picture, looking at "inclusivity" guidelines for company branding, looking at how many women get pissed off when they follow them, looking at the tiny amount of space for text, then just short-circuits and hits publish

Edited to add: The tiny snippet of filler text that's repeated also supposedly translates into "the pain is the pain the pain is the pain," which I feel fits nicely into this headcannon of events. Thank you, google translate.

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That had to be an accident, there’s no way they published an ad that says lorem ipsum on purpose lmfao if they wanted to post a wordless ad they could’ve just taken the text out all together

ETA: I’m stupid sorry OP

Hahaha well yes, I just thought it was funny considering it's picturing a pregnant woman and it popped up on something talking about that WaPo article of all things.

Oh god, re-reading the title now your sarcasm is so obvious, my bad. I always have issues detecting that through text and thought you were speaking in earnest for some reason. Definitely agree that it’s hilarious irony