'You can define womanhood as anything except actually being a woman.'

This ideology can not perish soon enough. I'm glad more people are starting to see the light.

Remember the non binary TIM who debated Matt Walsh on Dr Phil? He said, “I do not define what a woman is, because I do not identify as a woman. Womanhood is something that is an umbrella term. [It describes] people who identify as a woman. To each their own. Each woman, each man, each person is gonna have a different relationship with their gender identity.”

Okay, so if only women get to define “woman”, and I can define it however I want, then why can’t my personal definition be “adult human female”? Why do non binary TIMs and TIFs get to tell me that’s wrong/not inclusive if they just said they’re not allowed to define it, and I am, in whatever way I want?

so...the only actual definition of "woman" is the only definition excluded in "how to define womanhood". Got it.

EXCEPT FEMALE...Everything like...shoes...and style...and fingernail polish (and, my additions - head tilt, skirt go spinny, sissy porn, forced feminization, tampon/period fetishes, identifying as a little girl, pedophilia)...a whole new world of exciting opportunities await you, female-identifying males. Except for one: actually being female.

Sometimes I imagine the invasion of women spaces, services, sports, as three >6' tall TIMs in miniskirts, fishnet stockings, stilettos, bad wigs emerging from the waters of the Caribbean, each wearing a Tee with the name of a ship scrawled across their synthetic estrogen-induced bosoms; the Pinto, the Nina, and, the Santa Maria, the ships Columbus took to the "New World." And, on the shore a battlement.with the words "Female single sex spaces" inscribed in its stones. But, a large group of natives, lib fem woman, have opened the gates to the battlements, saying "welcome ashore!!" Meanwhile, a few other women...who look a lot like Magdalene Burns, Maya Forestater, Kara Dansky, Helen Joyce, and Elaine Miller are shouting at them, "Close the gates, you fools!"

I'm really curious what would a random TRA make out of me. I'm not particularly masculine, but not feminine either. I love sports, do martial arts but like cooking as well. I never wear make-up, have short hair, but also own a lot of cosmetics products. I'm quite dominant but also a housewife. In one world, I'm a gender puzzle.

You sound like a normal woman, but they would probably say you're non-binary.

It's hard to know because sometimes they say "not all women have to be very feminine". But their actions seemingly contradict that...

Yeah! It goes like, TRAs: "Not all women have to be very feminine". Also TRAs: Forcefuly transing every woman, who have ever shown the slightest sign of gender non-conformity or dared to express any discomfort with her supposed feminine role.

Short hair (and I mean "boy cut"), wear jeans and men's (colored) tshirts most of the time, no makeup, small captive-bead hoops in the ears and sometimes a wristwatch, sneakers (never high heels). And I'm straight. I would give them fits.

That's easy. They would say you're non binary.

According to genderism, I think I'm a man if I go to China, a woman if I go to South America, and non-binary if I stay here in Oz. Just going by my assessment of how the operative stereotypes change from place to place

Bugger, don’t tell me I’m an enby here at home!

I knew I shouldn’t have bought those bloke’s track pants and women’s tops. Curse you, KMart!

If it's "sooooo personal" you don't get to tell me how to define it. It's personal, so leave me the fuck alone.

Colonizing creeps. I enjoy saying no to them. It annoys them and they expose who they really are.