I want to show this to every single woman that tells me to "be kind" to these nasty misogynists.

Get your damn heads out of the sand. These males despise you just as much as they despise JKR. It's only a matter of them finding a "valid" reason to spew it all out.

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I really hope Fox News or some national news station picks this story up. I dont love conservatives, but they're doing something good by exposing this incel movement.

I feel like a lot of incels are right wing, tho? I remember reading some survey or poll about that but I'm fuzzy on the details.

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Incels are left and right, depends on if they wear a dress or not.

But yeah, conservative media is big on talking about culture wars now. Liar Thomas and the Dont say gay bill isnt doing any favors for the transgenderism movement. Having a lefty TIM sing about murdering JKR is right up there with the ITS MA'AM guy. Easy to see violent TRA behavior.

incels are left and right, depends on if they wear a dress or not.

Love this.

Trans ideology is right-wing to the core. Just because they don't go to church doesn't make them leftists.

Incels exist across the political spectrum, but they seem to be attracted most to the extremes.

They're either the assholes who think they should be able to own a perfectly obedient and forever young wife, or they think the state should provide them with prostitutes.

Normie right wingers aren't feminists, but they're fundamentally normies who want their loved ones safe and happy. They don't understand this like feminists do though (right wingers idealize stay at home moms and unequal relationships). Also, for some reason, they tend to be really supportive of daughters in athletics, and that predates it becoming a trans political thing.

Wow. So outright murder threats are ok on Twitter. But saying "men can't be women" gets you an instant ban

It reminds me of the bans FB used to do when women said men are trash, but crickets for vile language and threats aimed at women. This is another more egregious layer.

FB set up a bot to auto-ban you if you said the words "men are trash." Didn't matter if you were personally making that declaration or just quoting someone else. Instant. Bam. Meanwhile there are porn and rape pages all over the place. Oh, no problem.

I just don't understand how this happens. How are women getting arrested for suffragette ribbons and nothing happens to TRAs. (It is like the same thing with Trump/Republicans. Why are they untouchable?!)

Also, is this not illegal? I got death threats over email from a boyfriend once and his university threatened getting the FBI involved as it was "over phone lines" which brought it to a national level"

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Venga Boys: Boom Boom Boom Boom! I'm sitting in my room! Making threats on my computer, googled getting neutered! Boom boom boom boom! I never leave this room! I'm creepy even at a distance, locked in my pastel room!

I haven’t heard that song in ages and you nailed it 🤣

Delusion, convince yourself.

I just love seeing the reddit comment sections meet the harsh light of day, at least in video form. Whenever they put themselves out there, another normie is peaked.

Trustfundozu also seems to absolutely love using a certain misogynistic slur when referring to Rowling:

(Here's a snippet from the song. Trigger Warning: Not good for your ears) https://twitter.com/TrustFundOzu/status/1509970394815606787?s=20&t=EFusMyZ5eWxHEqO-6cnG8A



I can barely understand anything given how he had to make his voice sound like a robot to stop it from sounding like a man.

PS for non-native speakers who are also struggling: the main line is “JK I hope you fit in a hearse bitch”, which are the long cars that carry caskets at funerals.

These incels sure are a bunch of sick fucks. I don't know how anyone can defend these gross humans anymore.

You have to be totally insane for this! How do these people have a job? How do they have friends and family? How do you post stuff like this and the people in your life just carry on? Are the only people they interact with also online or sick in the head? Do you actually function as a safe human being and hide your internet persona but you’re too dumb to understand the consequences? How do you maintain a living and a home? Seriously??????

PS I reported him but I doubt it’ll do anything. If I retweet it and use “he” I’ll get banned though 😂 social media is ALL becoming a joke.

Good. She should expose these assholes. They'll whine about her "siccing her followers" on them. But anyone who threatens to murder women for having bad opinions deserves the pile-on

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