I just delivered an absolute smack down to this man in my DMs who I responded to because his Instagram story was a link to some bullshit about how “fake science is used to justify transphobia” and I just want to tell you ladies:

This site is nothing short of a Godsend to me!! To be able to hop over heat and find all of the resources studies quotes and first hand accounts to completely Shut. IT. DOWN! Is so helpful for me!

Especially rich was the fact that he said “maybe if someone you know and love is going through this you will get it. It literally doesn’t affect you at all” And I got to inform him that “actually my sister is claiming non binary and that is precisely why I care”

I am just so grateful for JKR, KJK, and every other woman fighting this fight! We are strengthening each other and bolstering each other every time we speak out!

The strength of one woman gives 10 more who see what she is doing the strength to get back up when people try to tear us down.

By the way I have yet to have any brainwashed trans parrots be able to respond to me with anything.

This guy just said “this is a lot of articles all at once but I will try to read them tomorrow when I have time.”

Cross your fingers that something gets through to him— which is quixotic I know lol, he probably won’t read any.

Which is par for the course with these yo-yos. Hell, the whole reason they hate JKR is someone told them to -- most of them HAVE NOT READ any of her tweets and essay that initially pissed all the TRAs off.

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he blocked Nicole Lampert and made his tweets private LOL

I know!

I've been making a folder of beardo mansplainers and need a headshot of him, but couldn't get it. lololol

Image Transcription: Twitter Post & Replies

J.K. Rowling, @jk_rowling

If your fetish is watching women smack down beardsplainers, I have something very special for you.

Tom Coates, @tomcoates

Perhaps you should read that article, which says that people should not trivialize the Holocaust because of its horror, it's scale, the deaths of Jewish people and...

Nicole Lampert, @nicolelampert

I wrote that article.

This guy was very condescending to me in an exchange not that long ago, then blocked me. Guess it's finally coming back to bite him!