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the connection between porn, sex and capitalism is something i want to write about but cant rn… commenting so i can return later with those thoughts

ETA: im gonna make a separate post

I would love to read it. I believe the trans shit, how everything is over sexualized, porn, inflation, high rent, low wages etc etc just shows how society is on the brink of collapse as well.

I was gonna say what does inflation have to do with anything but you meant money inflation. The internet has ruined me.

I would love to hear your thoughts! One of the things that has really struck me is all the TRAs who endorse communism. They don't realize that e-begging and showing your butchered crotch and deformed moobs to the world don't contribute to the common good at all. So many of them do nothing but consume and post about their sexual appetites; they don't realize that in a communist state, they'd be shipped off to the gulag because they contribute nothing.

The Laverys whomwhomping about communism while sporting massively expensive label clothing (and not the ethical kind) spring to mind. Writing about your feminine penis is not that useful to a society. Sure if that's all Grace can do, that's fair. But sorry you don't need a brownstone or Versace pants or a huge salary.

Yeah. His consumerism is one of his defining characteristics. It really shows how his stances are entirely performative.

He’s so disgusting. No matter what he does, society outside of the liberal bubble will always see him as the deviant and perverted man he is.

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Add the iPhone (2007) and Twittstagram (late aughts/early tens) and we have a winner. I mean it could be plotted on a chart.

Wait I didn’t make the iPhone connection.

Abigail schrier points out the statistic that 4000% increase in trans identified girls and women since 2007.

I feel like a tin foil hat lunatic seeing all of this but unlike women leftists I can still grapple with this reality

4000% increase in the number of trans identified girls and young women since 2007.

Yes that is 4 THOUSAND not hundred (thank you to queen Abigail Schrier for that statistic)

I’ve been telling people I know with TiFs in their lives about this statistic recently. They are people who affirm because they don’t know any better and don’t want to hurt someone they love, and you can they don’t know what to think and are taken aback when they hear that (aka the seed has been planted!)

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Yup. And the amount of complete nonsense being shared all over social media that kids have access to, such as Tik Tok, plays a huge role in why this is happening now. I wrote a post on here some months back about my internship at a pediatric clinic. We had so many kids (well, pretty much all girls, I should say) that came in saying they're "confused" about their gender. Some were even on chemotherapy drugs that were given to them by "gender clinics". The ones who were on chemo drugs didn't even identify as boys, but as "nonbinary". One of them was TEN years old. I can't think of any other place a 10-year-old would hear or know about "nonbinary" but from these groomers online.

GnRH agonists ("puberty blockers") were developed to treat prostate cancer, but they are not chemotherapy. I don't say this to be pedantic, but because I think precision matters. If we are going to (correctly) argue that pubertal blockade is experimental and almost certainly harmful, we want to be very clear about the facts to avoid accusations of exaggeration, hysteria, etc.

I agree with this. We must be absolutely scrupulous about our terminology because people looking for a way to discredit us will latch on to anything they can, whether true or false. If they can find legitimate ways our arguments fail, it will hinder progress so much more than any strawman building or whatever else they can come up with.

Oh, thank you for the correction. I do remember it was a prostate cancer drug, I had the name down somewhere but I can't recall the specific one at the moment. Not lupron, but something I think with a "b" that I had previously never heard of. That's good to know that they aren't interchangeable. The post I made about the situation I'm talking about: https://ovarit.com/o/GenderCritical/52663/my-semi-recent-experience-with-trans-identifying-children

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GnRH agonists treat certain kinds of cancer, but they're not chemo. Not all things that treat cancer are chemo. In fact, they don't really treat cancer at all—they just slow the progression of the disease for kinds of cancer in which tumor growth is accelerated by hormones.

Hold up.

Chemotherapy drugs? Why? How?

Do you have any shareable resources for this? I have a friend group on the verge of peaking, but they're data-driven and need some kind of concrete evidence that's not purely anecdotal, though I do believe you, personally.

Lupron is used for treatment of prostate cancer, and endometriosis. Off-label as a pubery blocker. Here is an FDA (US) report, which contains this data:

According to the FDA, Lupron, a drug created in the 80s to treat prostate cancer, has been linked to thousands of deaths. Lupron was later approved via prescription to treat endometriosis in women.

Now, Lupron is prescribed to children who have been diagnosed (accurately or not) with gender dysphoria as a hormone blocker.

Since 2012, the FDA has documented “over 40,764 adverse reactions suffered by patients who took Leuprolide Acetate (Lupron), which is used as a hormone blocker. More than 25,500 reactions logged from 2014-2019 were considered ‘serious,’ including 6,370 deaths.”

Lupron and other puberty blockers are FDA approved to halt precocious puberty, Lupron was approved for it around1993. So puberty blockers are approved, what isn't approved is never allowing puberty to progress and starting cross sex hormones. Adverse incident reports are not evidence that the drug caused the adverse reaction. Look at the number of deaths antivaxxers try to claim Gardasil and other vaccines cause based on Adverse event reports.

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Yeah a lot of shit seemed to go downhill immediately after it was de-classified as a mental illness in the DSM. Sigh. Bring it back because it is.

Gays, lesbians and bis never had to force others to pretend they were straight or force others to change their language for them.

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Everyone's gonna be so horrified when they realize this was all a scam

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I hope they are. TERFs have been trying to warn them about the harms of this for ages but we get called bigots, racists, nazis, transphobes, etc etc just for trying to have civil discussions about safe guarding vulnerable children, youth, and adults. They can lie in the bed they made. I'm angry and tired from having my kindness trampled on and spat back in my face.

This is exactly why diagnosing trans people (including children) is based in blind, unquestionable affirmation (which isn't done with ANY other physical or mental disorder). Its not about properly diagnosing and treating patients. Its about getting people (primarily young people) on the transgender conveyor belt towards a lifetime of dependence on expensive drugs, surgeries, therapy, reproductive technology & surrogacy to replace their annihilated fertility, etc

which isn't done with ANY other physical or mental disorder

The amount of hypocrisy is unreal. I guarantee if a schizophrenic person said they were the queen of Africa (a patient my mum saw believed that) or some other identity, they'd be told they're delusional and to take their meds. If my OCD therapist did that affirmation bullshit they do with trans people, she'd be fired on the spot. Why treat one mental issue specially and not the others when it falls into the same category of delusion/dysphoria disorders??

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I had a guy in closed psychiatry who heard Allah talking to him about being the new chosen one. He was still very nice and kind, we talked a lot about faith and he even told his family about me being friendly to him.

Not even once did anyone, not even me, say "yeah i believe you, go on, be free, you are chosen"

At one of my old apartments, this crazy guy lurked around and told the women who lived in the building that God told him his future wife lived there and he needed to get married within the year. He was eventually chased away for good. But, according to the TRA treatment model, one of us girls should have taken one for the team and married him to affirm his identity as a married man.

one of us girls should have taken one for the team and married him to affirm his identity as a married man

Jordan Peterson liked that

People like that really should be housed/live in mental hospitals, but ever since they stopped building/funding those places decades ago these people are left to roam the streets. It's so sad really.

The wearing foil on your head to block out space rays delusion is real too. I thought it was just a TV gag, but I worked records in an internist practice for a while and we actually had a patient with that specific delusion. I was gobsmacked.

I wouldn't even care if they were affirmed without medication they'll need all their lives for a feeling.


I take medication to cope with my depressive feelings and I am happy to take it for life. What's a good comeback on that? For some trans people the physical risks are worth it. But should that extend to people who haven't stopped (or even started!l) growing yet?

I take medication to cope with my depressive feelings and I am happy to take it for life. What's a good comeback on that?

My comeback would be....

I assume you had to jump through some hoops to get that medication and didn't just waltz into a therapist's office and scream: "I'M DEPRESSED!!! GIMME [INSERT MEDICATION HERE]!!!"

If adults who want depression meds (which are less damaging than blockers and hormones in a kid) have to prove that they need it, than a 9 year old should have to work through their other issues before being allowed to consent to castration.

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How about adults? On a leftist forum for men, a bunch of regular "sensitive" guys are now starting to question their gender. They reason that maybe their struggle with loneliness as a man, is a sign that they're actually a woman! The real question is, would they ever have even thought about being trans if they weren't exposed to the Internet?

I went to high school with a TIF. I was vague acquaintances with her girlfriend who, while identifying as a lesbian, so still supportive of her transition. Even liberal 16 year old me had questions.

That powerful interests launched this shit in a bid for long-term profits and control over people's lives, i have no doubt.

But... "without grooming by pornõ, this would fade back to zero"?
Not buying it pal

Do you think boyo realizes that TIFs exist? Because they're %75-80 of "trans kids" now, and i very much doubt that more than a negligibly small fraction of young Female transitioners got there by way of spending hundreds of hours with streaming pornõ and their favorite body pillow.

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