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JK Rowling was literally told to change her name so that people would assume she was a man and yet here she is, still in one piece, and still a woman.

She was forced into both a male AND a gender neutral pen name for her books. And yet, miraculously, this double misgendering didn't cause her to fall into despair and fling herself into oncoming traffic!

TRAs: "We'll misgender you into oblivion you evil TERFs! Muhahahahaha!"

Butch lesbians: 'Indifferent Spongebob face'


also I don't need them to call me a woman. I know I'm one. an adorable one at that too 🤷🏼‍♀️

It's hilarious that they assume we've never been misgendered, as if our patriarchal society doesn't automatically assume we're men in situations where you can't see our name/face. For ten years on reddit, people have assumed I'm a man and I've never bothered to correct anyone.

Very true... I prefer people to think I'm a man online cause I know how I'll be treated if they know I'm a woman. I never even really thought about all the times I get "misgendered" online, passes by me like dust in the wind.

I habitually "present" myself as if I'm potentially male online, because I've found I'm "misgendered" as male when I do that and things turn out better for me. It's not really something I chose to do intentionally, just kind of formed the habit of keeping anything indicating my sex ambiguous online over the years.

Yeah, same. It's incredibly easy to criticize trans ideology on reddit when people assume you're a man. And the one time I finally revealed I was a woman, I was instantly banned from all the female subs 🙃

I remember in 6th grade when the gym teacher was taking role call for the first time...

He said a male name remarkably similar to mine out loud about 6 times before he used my last name. I raised my hand, corrected him, the whole class laughed. I laughed. He forgot to wear his glasses. He then proceeded to butcher half the classes names. It's a good memory.

that was me on America Online! I had a totally neutral username (by accident) and used to hang out in politics chat and just say what I thought. People thought I was a guy ALL THE TIME. Astoundingly, I did not in fact curl up and die.

TRAs: "we will cancel your gender!!"

My uterus: "uhhh I guess I won't shed this month"

Who would have thought it was so simple?

I DON'T have a gender identity, because that isn't a real thing. I don't "identify as a woman" and I don't "feel like a woman", whatever it is they think they're feeling, I've never met an actual woman who knows what they're talking about. So go ahead, take my imaginary thing away from me, haha.

Me saying "I identify as a woman" sounds as absurd as "I identify as a brunette" or "I identify as having graduated high school."

Is this the first time she's explicitly claimed being a "TERF"? She's come such a long way I love this character arc.

I was looking for info on Hogwarts Legacy and came across a VICE article about it that claims Rowling "has gone as far as legally threatening people who speak ill of her on Twitter." Apparently death and rape threats are just "speaking ill" in 2022! But oh no! The poor, innocent trans women are being misgendered, that's the real crime! How ever will they get the euphoria boner now?!

They're so unable of empathy (males eh) that they think that everything that sends them into a testerical fit of rage applies exactly the same to us. Pathetic

This guy is on our side. He's making a joke.

But yes, you are correct. Men + Antiwomen's rights (ie gender) is a 50:50 shot at getting a testerical reaction.

Wait wait wait the dude that JKR responded too? Damn I'm usually not a moron in recognizing sarcasm, my bad!

Ooohhh, no. Sorry. I'm the one who didn't get it. I thought you meant the guy who joked about horcruxes. HE'S on our side. The original beardo is a wanker.

Apologies!!! LOLOLOL

I can't believe these Beard Bros are lecturing a woman who was forced to change her name on her book covers because the publishers thought little boys wouldn't touch a book with a female author. Rowling has been "misgendered" EVERY TIME a Harry Potter or Cormoran Strike book was printed! Yet, somehow, she miraculously survived!

oh no some people are gonna call me he or they? oh noooo. /s

My identity isn't fragile af so I don't care.

I don't care because i'm still a female lmao, call me Pippi Longstocking if you want lol.

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