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Saw a post here not long ago about a bird sanctuary saying TERFs arent welcome and made this in response. I've got so many other memes as well that I will share some time.

I know TERF isnt a favorite for some women, but if I put "radical feminist" or even "feminist" then the message would be lost. The people who need to see this know exactly who I'm talking about when I say TERF.

I plan on making stickers out of these. It would be pretty awesome to see a bunch of messages like these mysteriously appearing on businesses all over. Imagine the testerical responses from the TRAs taking to social media crying about how there is a literal genocide thats targeting them lol

Could that not cause issues with the business because it would seem like they put it up themselves?

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I've definitely thought about that. It's not the goal at all and I hope it wouldnt happen. I'm not trying to get anyone fired or have their business shut down or even harassed. But honestly, whats wrong with anything in the message? "Different perspectives are valued here, violence and harassment and threats arent". If anything, "by anyone" could be added so it doesnt just single out TRAs. But no matter what buzzwords are in it, the basic message is solid so whatever business tries to say they have a problem with the message really shows where their priorities are and I dont think it would be a good look

I think you know what's wrong - it will open the business up to horrendous abuse, cancelling, potentially being blasted on the internet and having their clientele leave them. It's not appropriate to decide to take that risk for them. They have to make that decision for themselves.

It really is a great sticker. Put it up on lampposts, or bus stops or on premises that you own or control. Or go into businesses and ask permission to put it up. That will give them control, and will open up a conversation about the content of the sticker!