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Well done, Emma!

Also, this reply:

Ooh, 9th rule of misogyny! Always so fun spotting them in the wild!


9: Men always know the “real reasons” for everything women do and say.

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This asshole is really trying to apply the "First they came for..." poem to feminists having lunch together. 🤣

He also wrote a tweet trying to gaslight people into a new definition of a”gaslighting”.


Perhaps this doesn’t need to be pointed out, but the misuse of gaslighting and the “what the TERFs really want” nonsense is so damn annoying. We are not hiding what we want people. It’s like you’ll hear them say “what it comes down to is TERFs don’t believe transwomen are women.” Yes, and? Did you have to go undercover in a TERF forum to work that one out? We are literally not hiding any of our beliefs or goals, there is no gaslighting, there is no hidden agenda. Trans women are men, men don’t belong in single sex spaces or to be recognized as women under the law. That’s the stated goal dude. Nothing here is hidden.

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Unlike the group who went real fast from "we just want to pee!" to claiming it's a genocide to not want to experiment on gender nonconforming children with addictive steroids and cancer drugs.

Exactly, which is why I laugh at the idea that TERFs have dog whistles. No, we do not speak in code. We are forthcoming with exactly what we believe.

Usually a favourite hobby of Redditors. Usually in their case unless it’s literally a plot point from the film Gaslight it’s not gaslighting.

Ah, Reddit. Where lolicon isn’t pedophilia, sexism isn’t real, and gaslighting isn’t gaslighting.

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Girl if nobody speaks for the mimosas then they'll be genocided SO FAST

Girl if nobody speaks for the mimosas then they'll be genocided SO FAST

I hear Rowling murdered the jelly donuts as well. 🤣

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Women are not allowed to set any boundaries themselves. Saying NO to anything trans activists demand is always, always, always the same as wanting transgender people to be annihilated or somehow causes totally unrelated violent people to attack them. Always our fault, isn't it?

That is the gaslighting I can't take anymore. Not having boundaries is psychologically unhealthy, but despite decades of feminists writing about women's rights to have such boundaries and to defend them, I see so many tweets and other online comments yelling at women who do calmly state their boundaries. And all the Karening! And the demands for silence. Mary Beard's book about how women have never been really allowed to speak in the public sphere for themselves is still an important one.

I mean, I think boundary crossing is the entire point for AGPs, that's what their kink is. If we don't let them cross our boundaries and make ourselves available to be abused by them then they really won't exist anymore, they'll drop the fishnets and go find some other weird sexual fixation.

The AGPs have almost total control over the trans movement and they've convinced a lot of the very young, homosexual TIPs that everyone is out to get them so that they stay engaged in trans activism (the goal of which is always conveniently to give AGPs access to their targets, it's never something practical to help TIFs or the HSTS males pushed into prostitution). They also know that young gay TIPs are a more palatable face for the movement.

Yes, please help call out the usage of Karen as an insult. I do it (fairly nicely) on Reddit but have been met only with aggression, as expected. God forbid anyone calls out bad behavior.

Women are not allowed to set any boundaries themselves.

Now that doesn’t make any sense, that sounds like how men behave and we’re talking about TRAs! ….wait…..

GC goals - that women’s rights are respected; that safeguarding is effective and prioritised; that biological sex and differences (differences, not inferiorities) that arise from that are materially salient.

Yes. Feminists are having lunch. Yes. We are writing and speaking about our beliefs and experiences. Yes. We think biology is important.

Our goals are to maintain our rights, live and love with safety and freedom, give our children evidence based healthcare and safeguarding, use the facilities appropriate to our sexed bodies, and empower other women to do the same.

Once we all agree on that, we can get day drunk with our friends.

'Everyone knows what the goals of the GC movement are'.

Yep. And???

I don't know what he's implying our "goals" are. The scrote seems to be insinuating that we secretly want to round trans people up and shove them in gas chambers. And that Rowling's lunch party was a prelude to a pogrom against men in lipstick.

Its total projection. They openly threaten feminists with rape and murder. So they assume we also want to see our opponents raped and murdered

They always claim that. and yet no proof. Other than their claim that our issues with Self-ID and child transition equals 'erasing them from existence' and/or 'genocide'.

The next TRA who says “trans people exist” like it ends all arguments…..

Who the hell ever said that TIP didn’t exist? It’s an “argument” that I’ve never understood.

They’re fighting against a premise that their enemies don’t hold and have never held, and think it shuts down all debate. It’s thinking you’ve won an argument against a teetotaler by proclaiming, “Alcohol exists UwU.” Ah, yes, you’ve got me on that one, asserting the existence of something I never denied as existing.

Like all narcissists, they think its a literal hate crime for anyone to tell them "no"

Do people like this legitimately think we want to hurt or kill trans people?

If they really believe that, it depresses me. Adults have the right to live however they want. I just want children to be protected and women's privacy and safety to be respected.

I'm sure some truly believe that. But they believe this on extremely nebulous grounds and/or due to being brainwashed.

However, people such as the particularly nasty piece of work who wrote the tweet are just being purposefully cynical. They know damn well that our 'goals' are not what they claim. They just use these dramatic accusations as a useful rhetorical tool. Much like Putin and his over the top propaganda. They throw as much shit as possible, and know that at least some of it will stick. It's for the benefit of consolidating and furthering the brainwashing of their audience, rather than being a legitimate argument.

Yeah I was waiting for him to explain it so I could See the Light and leave this toxic GC cult once and for all

The biggest gaslight in human history: "I just feel like a woman"

Serious question: does anyone know what is wrong with this asshole? He's been at it for years harassing and beating down on GC women. He's got no stake in the game yet he's possibly the worst male TRA on Twitter. What is his problem.

I heard he's got two daughters too. God help them.

I’d love to know the answer to this. I don’t even know what he does for a living or if he’s even a real person or if this account is just a sock for big Pharma.

When the women’s march was being organized, well-known male pundits were whining that they couldn’t go or weren’t invited.

Yep. TRAs, and TIMs in particular, destroyed the Womens March and now look where we are- abortion being banned all over the place.

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