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Both of these groups are mocking and appropriating womanhood.

Only one group is also appropriating women's rightful indignation at being mocked and appropriated.

Here's looking at you, TIMs:


Yeah tbh I've never liked drag culture, but at least I can ignore it. I don't have my bosses forcing me to watch drag shows or drag queens showing up in my bathroom lol.

I can't pretend TIMs don't exist

Yeah, drag queens are not sending my friends rape threats on "lesbian" dating apps or mutilating children, we've got bigger fish to fry. If women stopped going to drag shows it would tank the industry, no activism required.

Except now drag queens are giving story hour at local libraries, showing up on kids shows, and performing in local high schools.

It use to be a preformance, a gag.

But it is hilarious that TIMs are claiming appropriation.

Sometimes I want that asteroid to hit.