Honestly I'm with the drag queens on this one. People should wear whatever the hell they want. It just doesn't make them women.

I’d heard of this conflict long before I’d peaked or even knew what ovarit was. I remember walking past a drag show poster that had been vandalized by trans people and thinking “wow! That’s fucking stupid”.

"appropriating trans womanhood"

omg. the lack of self-awareness! i don't whether to cry or laugh.

It’s the other way around. Trans women act like drag queens who act like caricatures of women.

I just saw a TikTok of a TIM who was talking about his top and bottom surgeries and he was moving and talking like a drag Queen.

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Apparently there's a tone of intracommunity fighting between trans women and drags queens because trans women think drag queens are parodying and appropriating trans womanhood. They compare it to blackface. Just thought I'd share because this is one of the funniest things I've discovered in a while

Omg I love it. Eat each other alive

I am less offended by drag queens. They aren't trying to make me ignore biology and pretend they're women.

maybe not, but they pave the way by calling each other 'she'

I know a lot of radfems aren't fond of drag but at least drag queens are aware that it's a performance and don't demand access to women's spaces and services.

Yea. I think it's like the difference between blackface and blackfishing. Both of these are offense. One is more harmful than the other.

They’re forcing themselves and their sex-mad performances onto children with this “Drag Queen Story Hour”.

I get what you're saying, but imo they're equally bad. Both are men pretending to be women, just one is demanding that we pretend, too.

Women get fired for not wearing heels to work (Nicola Thorp), but men in part-time drag call themselves 'gender fluid' (Philip Bunce) and win a place in 'Top 100 Women in Business'. It's no innocuous performance, when men are rewarded and women are fired or even killed for doing or not doing it.

"In 1994, a young woman in Iran was shot dead for wearing lipstick. In reaction, a woman called Homa Darabi burned herself alive.
 When we’re talking about feminism, or women’s liberation, we’re talking about something serious. We’re talking about life and death. We’re not talking about whether we can have a seat on the board of General Motors. That’s not the issue. The issue’s not even lifestyle. The issue is survival." -Germaine Greer

Drag queens have been around forever and don't think they are women. They aren't mentally ill aggressive men.

That doesn't mean that they're not harmful too. They are still mocking and dehumanizing women. I hope that one day people see drag queens as similar to minstrelsy shows.

Hahaha I remember Magdalen Berns (rest in peace) talking about this. This is when she first got called a 'terf', when she started defending gay men doing drag (at Pride I think), after the 'trans' group at her university protested. She said she thought it was ridiculous and then she got called a 'terf', researched what 'terf' meant, and the rest - as they say - is history.

Isn't drag only appropriating womanhood if you think womanhood is make up and dresses and fashion or whatever and acting like a horrible person

Maybe appropriating isn’t the totally correct word but it’s the mockery of things that are perceived as womanhood and the performative nature of it all. Drag queens push the notion that women smell of fish and all that other nonsense. I’d say TIMs appropriate more as they’re desprate for things like periods but that drag queens are not immune to appropriating and profiting off things that are perceived as womanhood.

They wear fake breasts, too. So not just 'gender' (i.e. femininity, or the fake version of femaleness) that they wear, but our sex, our female bodies that they appropriate. So-called 'trans' and 'drag' are all the same thing. Men pretending to be women. And I am so fucking fed up with all of it.

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They also mock women by calling us fish, and saying vaginas stink.

When I pointed this out to my gay male friend he told me drag queens call each other "fish" to mean the expression "somethings fishy" like "there's something fishy about this woman"

Yeah, no. I've heard too much vagina-hate from too many gay men to think it's "innocent" like that. The terminology drag queens use is repulsive and the mockery of femininity is both boring and insidious.

Well, the really insulting thing, as I saw some radfem point out somewhere (wish I could remember her name), isn't that they're aPpRoPriAtiNG wOmAnHoOd. Makeup and lingerie and fishnets and simpering aren't womanhood! They're having a laugh at all the stupid things we're supposed to do to look "properly feminine." All the things that make us look stupid, make us sick (still chaps my ass that Avon, the cosmetics company, campaigns for breast cancer research when they're probably one of the CAUSES of that cancer), or damage our bodies (don't even get me started about stilettos). You've got the one group making it all into a joke performance and the other group taking it oH sO sEriOuSLy as expressions of our "gender." Puke. A pox on both their houses.

They are definitely not just satirizing feminity. They wouldn't wear shapewear and tuck if womanhood were not the subject of their caricature.

It seems like a lot of the agps don't actually tuck because they're exhibitionists

Avon causes cancer? Eh?

Check out the Environmental Working Group’s “Skin Deep” cosmetic & other personal type products data base. Deodorants, shampoo, etc. They grade on toxicity of ingredients. Some eye opening stuff. Everyday toxins and and GMOs used to be growing political/consumer issues. It’s funny how both kinda fell off the radar… Priorities changed. Lookin’ good online and trust in biotech is fashionable.

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