I wish they'd finally do this to male products.

"This after shave makes the bepenised so happy!"

"A ball bearer is nothing without his fancy new Casio watch!"

"Gift the cock person in your life something special for this years sperminator day!"

"Scrotum people love these new hot wings!"

That's hilarious. Honestly, I think that could actually work as a marketing campaign.

Some guys would take "ball bearer" and "bepenised" as funny sounding but honorable titles, they love dick jokes. And many of them understand unfairness in sports is wrong so if they knew this was about mocking the people who want men in women's sports, they'd join in on it.

[–] IrishTheFrenchie say_wut? 38 points

"Ending period shame" by calling women "Menstruators"! So much dignity!!

I hate these people.

This. I don't know how to even put it into words. This is like playground level insults, but somehow they think it's a good thing? It feels like next they'll roll out the "empowering red tent," and tell us it's such a great idea! How do women not see what is happening?!

Exactly. They might as well call us ret*rds, that's the level of offense I take to this. It's utterly unacceptable in a civil society.

[–] GraceHoward1729 27 points Edited

The statistics become nonsensical, too. "63% of people have increased period confidence." But only 50% of people have periods.

Destroying our language and meaning and dignity for the sole purpose of dehumanising and degrading women. Fucking foul reprobates.

Not even 50% of people as in actively having cycles every month right now. Pre-menarche, post-hysterectomy or -menopause, they're not having periods.

But the ones who are having periods are all girls and women. Not just "people."

It amazes me, they only want to acknowledge that girls and women are "people" when they don't want to acknowledge that we are girls and women. It's always either/or with these fucking clowns.

[–] Iridescence 1 points Edited

Ehh I don't know. It does say that these are statistics for '[Give Partners'] employees ... working with Dignity', not the population at large. They might just be majority female. Or they might only be surveying women (women might be the only ones 'working with Dignity'). It's not really clear who's in the sample group here.

What percentage of people want to be call "menstruators"? (Note: do not count the crazy men who want to menstruate but cannot.)

Same with "latinx" -- how many hispanic people want to be called that? All of these terms are being forced upon us and it's disgusting.

IIRC they actually did a few polls and only like 2% are OK with Latinx

Having a period isn't shameful, but being called a "menstruator" sure is.

Image Transcription: Twitter

Julie Scott 🍒, @judgejules75

Dehumanising women by reducing us to a bodily function and you want to talk about dignity? Are you taking the piss? 😲 🤦‍♀️

Dignity< @DignityNZ

Dignity's mission is to end period shame and deliver period products to those without access. We couldn't be more proud to help menstruators feel more confident and dismantle stigma around periods!

[Infographic of text and statistics overlaid on three blobby beige circles.]

According to our Give Partners, this is what their employees have experienced since starting working with Dignity:

51% noticed decreased stigma

63% increased period confidence

43% improved self esteem

They like to pretend that it's a more "precise" and "accurate" language than saying women (presumably because of the miracle discovery of birthing men) but human females are not the only ones who menstruate. Several primate species and even fruit bats shed uterine lining.

So does this company make products for "menstruators", that is, is it truly inclusive of female fruit bats? Does it make small bat pads? Or does it actually care nothing about inclusivity and just wants to dehumanise women?

[–] Gould2022 8 points Edited

Menstruators FFS. I’m a fucken woman I have never associated shame with my period. But I also feel 🤢 with it. The heavy flow, big blood clots, the stomachache, etc. the messy sheets every so often. The messy underwear

I just don’t like people knowing my business. It’s private.

Every time I read language like "menstruators" I feel like my brain is becoming more desensitized to it. It's a very icky feeling.

Sounds to me like the "Pronouns are Rohypnol" article may be of interest to you. Slightly different situation but same application.

Bleeding out your vagina is not shameful, how society stigmatizes this biological function is the shameful part.

You know what would be a shame? Having a penis that goes into boner mode when you don't want it to. Let's pass our shame on to men who have something to actually feel embarrassed about.

No one in the comments likes it. Who is making the decisions to do these things?