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I opened up to a friend this week. She said she has a hard time treating TIMs as women when she comes face to face with them. We had a TIM cashier in a cheap AF wig and a TIM server at a restaurant. I said, you don't have to treat them as women, because they're not. Biological sex cannot be changed. Wear a dress, who cares. But you can't change your sex. I explained as much as I could in a crowded space with families around-- sports, bathrooms, children (briefly), women's support groups being invaded, why language matters. I told her there were dozens of other topics and I could talk for hours. At the end of it, she goes, "and you're entitled to your opinion." I replied, biological sex is NOT an opinion; it's fact. People KNOW this shit is ridiculous. She admitted she can't process it when she comes face to face with TIMs. Even the brains of TRA-lites override their feelings in that split second. This same friend said a year ago she thought her 6 year old son, who is on the spectrum, was trans because he liked to wear dresses of his older sister. Fast forward to today, the boy hasn't worn a dress in months. This insidious cult is harming so many kids who want to be kids and play with clothes and have fun with different roles. If my friend had medicalized the boy, he'd be another Jazz right now.

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At the end of it, she goes, "and you're entitled to your opinion." I replied, biological sex is NOT an opinion; it's fact.

throws table She JUST told you how she couldn't see TIMs as women and you were telling her she doesn't have to! Why is she so desperate to brainwash herself?? So glad she didn't trans her son urgh

I really do feel like TRAs who get semi-peaked thoughts as they get close to the edge are in a really fragile mental state in that moment. So I think if you start dishing out hard truths it can be too much for them so they start to step back off the ledge and go to their safe place. I was never a TRA so haven't experienced personally, but based on prior accounts I've read on here and elsewhere it just seems like there is an intense emotional cycle going on.

Back when I was TRA light harsh rhetoric did push me away from going full gc. I peaked on my own when the cognitive dissonance got to intense. I really think the best thing you can do is to plant seeds and let them come to conclusions on their own.

She knows it, but it's a cult, and the chanting is to drown out doubt. They literally copied all the cult brainwashing methods.