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Modified that infamous Barbie to G.I. Joe spectrum chart to be more accurate

Tagging UnOriginalSin because this is UnOriginal AND Sin lol

What is wrong with #7's arms?

Number 7 identifies as muscular and injects steroids straight into the shoulders.

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I wish I knew! That's from the original image haha

I know. I wouldn't have asked if I thought you had did it. But that and #12 are just weird. I think it is supposed to be someone with little upper body strength versus a bodybuilder, but it really just looks like a shark bit the guy on both arms.

Does number 5 have a Pinocchio nose because he knows he’s lying claiming to be a woman?

A self inflicted embedded hatchet?

Unfortunately, I suspect that's a baseball cap.... all tomboys are born with one permanently attached, donchaknow.

Most of the males look the same, just different colors. The women change their dress type—based on stereotypes. I love men’s clothes because they are baggy on me, but I can also dress up and be very feminine. One woman has no hair and another has something sticking out on the side of her head. This so-called “spectrum” is ridiculous and probably confusing for kids.

Maybe I watch too many horror movies but #5 looks like it's got a knife sticking out their head.

How come number two is curvier than number one, shouldn't they be switched?

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No idea, also is it me or is 6 to 11 like... exactly the same but in different colors

I can't figure out what the scale is on the right side, they get bigger then smaller...

Yeah it’s like 9, 8, 11, 12, 10.

11 and 12 skipped leg day, 10 didn’t.

Wtf is going on with 5, 6, and 7. Why are you suddenly amorphous and round with floppy arms when you identify as androgynous? Also why does the tomboy get a hat but none of the men have a hat? And why do the men just exist as the same image but with slightly wider torso? Sometimes I feel I am losing my mind. Also why is #4 bald? Are female cancer patients less feminine? So many issues with their chart lol...

And why do the men just exist as the same image but with slightly wider torso?

Because moids are unoriginal.

5 has a baseball cap? And comes before the middle of the spectrum and androgynous 6? And your legs get longer in the jump between 7 and 8?! Wow, sign me up.

And numbers 1-3 on the Barbie side all have amine girlie pony tails. Of course.

I think they messed up- if 1 is pink, shouldn't 12 be blue?

Brown is of course so masculine. The color of sewage and dirt. What's manlier to them than sewage and dirt?

I am also confused by why that #5 gets a hat. Maybe she plays softball.

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