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[Photograph of a short-haired woman surrounded by male police officers, most prominently a young blond white man with one hand on his hip. A caption has been added above him.]

"That's not how I interpret de Beauvoir"

Ugh, his mansplaining stance. Reminds me of the Wokebro Willie meme, created from a video where a man at Wi Spa was mansplaining to a woman that she had no right to be upset about a penis in the women’s spa and around her daughter.

The way the cop is positioned... so cocky. 🤮

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He's the one who started to pick on me.

Him "Lower your voice, calm down" Me "I'm calm" Him "You've got a camera in my face. Calm down."

Then I realised that it's a deliberate tactic to provoke a response. Telling someone "calm down" puts them on the defensive. He is filming me with his body cam, provoking an argument, and telling me I'm not calm. It's calculated to provoke, but to read back well in court.

Very witty caption. This made me smile until I realised.... holy crap this is a real photo of OP? OMG! What was happening?

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There was a rather tame protest. Women gathered legally, wrote on the pavement in chalk legally, held up banners legally, took some photos legally, gave away flyers to the few who approached, didn't hassle anyone. Our pamphlet and message was that we support a public broadcaster, but they should stop lying about gender medicine.

As we were leaving, the police caught up with us to "have a word" and try to get our contact details. Great use of resources from our under funded national broadcaster.

Oh, yes and average age of the group was over 50.


That's police harassment. Absolutely appalling.

THANK YOU for making the protest in the first place, you brave wonderful Woman.