JKR's transformation to full-on rudefem is the most inspiring thing I've ever witnessed

Any sort of sympathy/support she had for trans people went right out the window with the doxxing and death threats lol

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Their death threats = the killing curse Her disarming humour = expelliarmus

I am so glad she is speaking up. I never would have guessed it. Her tweets are hilarious, but also get to the point quickly.

Oh my! And JKR continues:

Excellent question, Emma! Defining lesbians as same sex attracted women excludes and oppresses the most marginalised of all groups, ie, people with penises and beards who want to shag women. And before you say 'but aren't they straight men?' THEY'RE WEARING EYELINER, BIGOT. Jo x

All the fucks have left the building.

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I love the way commenters are like, "why are you being mean to Alex"... She didn't say one single negative word about Alex.

I mean, if you think ole' boy is making a mockery of your movement, well, that's kinda on you

For so long she was nice, factual, etc. with her points but they maligned her, lied about what she said etc. that why SHOULDN'T she be this bold? They already accuse her of literal murder so why not go with it?

After the 500th rape/torture/death threat I would imagine that the 'fucks to give' has rightfully run out.

For anyone who hasn't seen it, here's Magdalen Berns' based af video on Alex Drummond's fuckery: "What Kind Of Fools Do Transgender UK and Stonewall Take Us For?" Rest in Power Magdalen πŸ’œπŸ€πŸ’š

Allison Bailey finally taking Stonewall to task. Fools we are not. πŸ’ͺ

I have watched loads of Magdalen Berns videos, she's amazing. I had no idea she had died. Very sad, what a huge loss for everyone who knew her and also for us a community.

Her videos are a fantastic legacy though. She cuts through all the crap with wit, humour and that dead-pan delivery, I love it.

I wish she were still around to see the huge strides we are making in recent months.

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"Apparently it stirs up hate to post pictures of black lesbians marching for their rights." God, i'm dead. Her snark is just ~chef's kiss~

The gloves are off and she has NO FUCKS left to give!! Keep on peaking the people, Queen! πŸ‘‘

Her courage has become Amazonian. I'm just in awe of her.

I think that evil TERF lunch gave her an extra boost.

evil TERF lunch πŸ˜‚ I want those words in a tattoo heart on my chest

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