The best part of Rowling going Full TERF is that TRAs pushed her to it. She was willing to be nice to them at first. But then they did what they always do thinking they could scare her into silence. THEY created Mega-TERF Rowling; not us. 🤣

That's how we all started out. All their allies bail the more time they spend with them and the more abuse they incur.

I was an ally and after I got the second death threat (complete with a picture of a gun sent to my messages on twitter) and got so gaslit that my head was spinning, I stopped giving TRAs the benefit of the doubt.

I love JKR so much more now than I ever did as a twelve-year-old, and I loved her a lot as a twelve-year-old.

girl yes i feel this comment right down to the marrow of my bones.

she saved my bloody life as a kid with her words of fiction, and i love her even more now because she's saving more lives - those of vulnerable and powerless women and children - with her words of reality. truly formidable woman, a genuine inspiration. love her to pieces

me toooooooooo, no even joking but sometimes I think to myself "as if I already had such good taste when I was 12"

I just LOVE that she completely abandoned BE KIND, and rightfully so because they kept hating on her anyway

We all know that if she was a man she would be cheered by every neckbeard in sight because of her sass and wit.

Book Harry got his sass from JKR lol.

[–] notyourfetish 6 points Edited

OotP is probably one of my favorites because harry is sassy af in that one and it's hilarious.

One of these days I’m going to forget myself, Retweet one of her delightful tweets, and lose my job. It might be worth it.

Her sense of humour shines through. TRA’s could only dream of possessing such intelligence and wit - they’re all boring, humourless try hards.

they are only unintentionally funny. remember the woman screaming like a raptor? or miss tamborine "repent motherfucker". funny as hell some of them.

Lol yeah - the “it’s Ma’am” fella too 😂

Omg, "GameStop" trans makes me cry laughing every time I see it. Always a good pick me up on a bad day. "Do I look like a 'sir' to you?" Best part is when he threatens to beat the dude up outside and starts kicking merchandise. Such a lady.

So glad she is on our side.

They can have Owen Jones and David Paisley

She's much funnier than I ever gave her credit for in the past. 😂

You haven't read Harry Potter? The humor is one of my favorite things about the books!

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I agree. Now you see her in all her glory you realise she was always there in the Harry Potter books.

All that fire, courage, determination, wit, humour, integrity and loyalty.

We are so very lucky to have her.

I have read Harry Potter. More than once. I still think she’s on a different level altogether these days.

There's an old saying "Don't start a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel." The new saying should be, "Don't start a fight with someone who is a master of word usage!" Go, Jo!!!!

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