At work I use my apron to hide my lack of bra and I use a facemask to hide my lack of makeup. Secret comforts

ngl though I'm never wearing a bra again, they just don't do it for me.

Not wearing a bra is extremely uncomfortable to a lot of women, myself included. I HATE when people say bras are oppression..they are an item of clothing that is a support for my large breasts. I would be miserable without one.

I have huge breasts and find them unbearable. If they are helpful to you, by all means wear them, but for many women they ARE oppressive.

So I'm one of those women who says bras are uncomfortable. I hate them. I can't stand anything tight against my ribcage, so I ditched them over a decade ago. I was also a 36H the last time I was measured. I will say it did take a while (3-4 months at least) for my body to adjust and I could stop holding my breasts while going up and down stairs. I also still wear sports bras during high-impact activities because it hurts if they move around too much.

I don't think bras are oppressive by themselves, but rather the fact that society has deemed them a necessary part of a women's wardrobe. It took me months for my breasts to feel comfortable braless, but it took me years to feel comfortable going braless out in society.

Everyone should be comfortable in their clothes. Wear a bra, don't wear a bra, it shouldn't matter. The fact some women are made to wear uncomfortable clothing because our society expects them to wear bras, that's the problem.

I find bras oppressive, and with the sole exception of sports bras for exercise I'd be happy never to wear one again. I have large breasts that have also changed shape due to many years of breastfeeding. (ETA: also caused me to be lopsided so one is at least a full cup size bigger than the other.) I have never found bras comfortable even before but I don't think they even make ones that are meant to accommodate my current breast shape. Or if they do they are probably some specialty product that is way out of my price range, so I have yet to come across them.

omg I can't stand to go braless. I have really saggy breasts. Always have. I wear sports bras 24/7. I am SO much more comfortable in a bra. Weird that I was actually just wondering a few days ago (I don't remember why) how many women do feel more comfortable in a bra... but feel like they need to rail aganst bras because ... rebellion? Why are women wearing uncomfortable bras??? Why is it such a THING to say "I can't wait to take my bra off!!!!" ???

I fought against wearing a bra in puberty because I thought everyone would be able to tell... it's so weird, wearing a bra can make your pokey adolescent breasts LESS obvious. I never would have believed it. God forbid someone figure out I was wearing a bra. If I wore a bra it meant I NEEDED a bra and I didn't want to need a bra. Oh boy.

I wonder to what extent some girls might hear all this fuss about "yeah, home is where the bra comes off!" and think "I'm not comfortable braless, maybe there is something wrong with me?"

I hear you, I see you, I raise my bra to you. Be comfortable.

Of course comfort is key and all women do not have the same breasts. Mine are tiny so I just find bras unnecessary the only reason people told me to wear them was because I needed to cover my nipples.

Why are women wearing uncomfortable bras???

Because in my opinion, there is no such thing as a comfortable bra, for me. Not one bra I have tried was preferable to no bra, and all of them anger me. I hate having something squeezing around my ribcage. I have broken capillaries on the skin on my ribcage too that I know are from bra-wearing.

Same! I only wear them during exercise now. For some reason all bras make me really hot if I wear them for too long, unless the temperature is super cold that is. Last time I wore a bra for many hours I almost fainted from getting too overheated. I understand that bras can be helpful for some women, but there are other women who can't stand bras and their voices shouldn't be ignored either.

I'm with you on that. I'm not fond of underwires, but unless I'm asleep or running I live in lounge bras.

I agree. I'm always so confused when women say bras are uncomfortable. I can't imagine walking around without a bra - it's not comfortable!! Also, there are good bras that are made to be comfortable - just like any item of clothing

my best guess is that women who say bras are uncomfortable aren't wearing the right size. Or they're possibly wearing poorly constructed bras. Or both

For a woman whose size fluctuates, getting a quality, well fitted bra can be really difficult.

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Image Transcription: Comic

[This is a black-and-white comic with two columns of three images each. The column on the left is titled 'Past Me'. The column on the right is titled 'Current Me'.]

[In the first row, under 'Past Me', a large-eyed dark-haired woman looks at a bra. Her thought bubble reads 'I must wear a bra every day.' Under 'Current Me', the same woman, blurred with movement, teeth bared, flings the bra away over her head.]

[In the second row, under 'Past Me', the large-eyed dark-haired woman applies mascara in front of a mirror. Her thought bubble reads 'I must be beautiful to be acceptable.' Under 'Current Me', the woman, blurred with movement, teeth bared, flings the mascara and a foundation brush away over her head.]

[In the third row, under 'Past Me', the large-eyed dark-haired woman looks at a top decorated with a large bow. Her thought bubble reads 'Being presentable is more important than comfort.' Under 'Current Me', the woman, blurred with movement, teeth bared, flings the top away over her head.]

© Sarah Andersen

Am I the only person who doesn't understand what I'm looking at in the right-hand panels?

I want to get a Decent Exposures Un-Bra but can't justify the price right now. Part of the problem is my boobs are two different sizes and I would have to send the bra back and forth to them to get it adjusted (they are based in Seattle, I believe, or near there, and I'm in Ohio). Once that got done they'd have my adjustments on file... which would be fine until I significantly changed weight one direction or the other. So for now I go for sports bras that don't have a specific cup size. Worst thing about them is the left shoulder strap falls over and I can't adjust it. And I still take the f**ker off when I get home from being out and about.

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I've seen her art around and I'm cautious because she has pronouns in her bio. I've no idea if it was a tactical move because of how woke the art sphere is or if she's actually TRA.

I generally advise to give the benefit of the doubt to any artist that's not openly GC honestly. I changed my focus from art to science purely because I read the curriculum for writing at my local art school and it was like 1/4 pandering. In a sphere where exposure is so important, not agreeing with the current things is outright dangerous.

Artists are constantly asked for interviews etc what their pronouns are, it’s part of that sphere unfortunately, I wouldn’t read anything into it if she hasn’t done anything TRA-related otherwise

The only artists that don't have pronouns in bios are those not heavily involved in the anglosphere. Any big artist is almost expected to put them.

Art is full of trans/queer/LGBT folk so it’s an easy way to signal you’re ‘on side’ if you put your pronouns and in those circles I think people are suspicious if you don’t

Loads of people have even started it at work and I will always refuse, but I’m also not trying to personally sell online to the public like an artist is so it’s easier for me to not care about reputation other than avoiding getting fired lol

I need my bra otherwise my boobs bounce around and feel uncomfortable, my bras look like bio hazards tho as I refuse to set foot in Bravissimo until they commit to having female only changing rooms again, no idea where else I could get a 30FF......may have to go bra-less eventually at this rate.