but ask any libfem/mra/tra and they'll tell you the woman is the oppressor.......... that she has "cisprivilige" and oppresses the man via a "cissexist" system causing him to experience "transmisogyny"

what a fucking darvo JOKE of a movement this is

the only reason anyone could take this movement seriously is if they hate women. and I will stand by that statement

Your statement is absolutely correct. I lost a TIF friend by finally saying unequivocally that she wasn’t male. I’d never lied or pretended that I agreed with the trans nonsense but I hadn’t been provocative or aggressive either. I posted about it.

My former friend summed up my arguments thusly: “But you’re saying that there’s no reason to be trans except for misogyny for either males or females.” So even a TIF in heavy denial can both see and not see it. You’re one hundred percent on the money; trans is misogyny.

"But you’re saying that there’s no reason to be trans except for misogyny for either males or females.”

Yes, dear, that is exactly what we are saying. Wtf does she think it is. 🤦🏼‍♀️

She honestly thinks that she isn’t like the other girls and has a male personality and soul. Because she didn’t want to wear a shirt when she was a little girl. And thinks she was the only one. Sigh.

She wouldn’t answer me when I asked her if I’m a war situation would marauding soldiers know she was male or would she get staked out and raped with the rest of us?

[–] Tesserae_Tali 2 points Edited

“But you’re saying that there’s no reason to be trans except for misogyny for either males or females.”

I wouldn't agree with this statement, although I doubt your friend would appreciate my views on the primary causes of trans identification. (Internalized homophobia for the minority of trans people who are exclusively SSA; sexual paraphilia for the majority of trans people who are OSA; body dysmorphia, OCD, autism-spectrum disorders, and assorted mental illnesses/neuroatypicalities. Misogyny is a thread running through all of this, but I think it's too reductive to claim that it's the sole cause.)

Good points and my former friend does claim to have some autism spectrum issues. I’ve just tended to see the misogyny running through all of it, even with the male AGPs.

What kills me are all the self hating women who perpetuate this bullshit literally without even knowing it

[–] Beru 24 points

Arrgh I remember seeing this image on tumblr years ago. An original caption read 'This is what liberals want the future to look like' and then below it were tens of thousands of replies and likes saying 'Yes, we do want this, unironically'. Tens of thousands of awkward teenagers with no class analysis, privileged enough in life to think that everything is a 'choice' with no external societal pressures on anyone to do anything, least of all any patriarchy.

Both individuals in that picture reflect patriarchal norms. One is about the female body as private property, the other as the female-seeming body as public property. Both are about visual aspects and neither is about comfort and health of the person.

Muslim women are still women and therefore can never be good enough patriarchal norms. The fact is that the woman on the left almost certainly does not think of herself as a man's property and does not wear that clothing to signal that. There are however genuine and dire consequences for her not conforming, like exposing herself to physical violence and to being ostracised from her community. The man however is wearing a costume of female conformity to gender: his intention is clearly female objectification. Had it been a real woman dressed like that, the reason for it would be far more complex.

Women do not necessarily objectify themselves by conforming to gender: they could (and often are) protecting their physical integrity and livelihood by conforming. TIMs reflect patriarchal norms, but women, no matter how gender conforming, only reflect what how a person can adapt to a situation where few choices are available. Women are the victims of gender, not the cause of it (who are men, including TIMs)

I remember seeing it in that context too with some dumb comment saying “fun daytime drag looks and religious freedom and public transit? Sign me up!” 🙄

What a disgusting manspreading creep.

Looks like just every self-absorbed teenage boy on the bus I’ve ever seen

Only worse, with the drag makeup. Which is saying something, because I find teenage boys completely repellent.

Sitting there hogging more space than he needs, sitting with his legs wide open.

No shame and probably proud of it.

Man. Man. Man.

Their male socialization gives it away every time. They don't understand that "passing" isn't just physical. I've seen transwomen who passed like WHOA physically, but as soon as they started talking, the male socialization came out

Unfortunately I have seen TIMs fetishizing hijab. Nothing is safe from them.

Not from this picture alone, no. If the woman on the left is, which is likely given the inference I grant, then honestly it’s very difficult to tell with a couple of inches of clothing covering everything but fingernails and eyes

The hands are clearly that of a woman, the body language as well.

I would most definitely guess that she’s a woman. I’m just being honest that if a person is nearly completely covered up in fab’rik, I can’t tell from a still picture. So y’all come down vote the honesty is much as you want, we’re not on different sides here

[–] Julie92845 2 points Edited

I can only guess that it's a woman from the clothing, as it's usually women who wear this.

Unlike a lot of people here, I can't tell men and women apart from body language or something small like hands. I don't have whatever ability that is. Not all women can always tell.

I don't know, her shoulders give it away too, I think our brains' pattern recognition don't get as much credit as they deserve. To me she still looks unambiguously female even if she's covered, the same way I can tell who's male without looking at their genitals.