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Good for her.

Obama and Michelle just posted their statement, and use "woman" and "women" throughout.

Obama also the one who introduced TIMs into women's bathrooms (We just wanna pee!!) and totally in Pritzker's pocket.

Obama is the one who started a lot of this nonsense so I have zero fucks to give about him.

Strangely, I've seen more outlets willing to use "women" in regards to abortion, now that the right to abortion is seriously endangered for american women. Not all of them (there's no hope for CNN), but more.

Example 1 I saw on my twitter. You could even consider that superfluous. WOMAN'S right to choose instead of just "right to choose." Everyone would know that "right to choose" was referencing abortion even if the "woman" wasn't there.

Example 2 Not a "people" in sight. A couple of reasonable uses of "patient" but all the rest is "women."

What, now that we might lose abortion, did they all FINALLY realize that divorcing the biological reality of womanhood from the concept of "woman" might negatively impact "women's rights"? How can eliminating abortion hurt and disadvantage women if men also get pregnant? Forcing "people" to continue unwanted pregnancies doesn't mean that we are oppressing an already oppressed minority, nooooo!

I like Klobucher - I wanted her for President.

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Same, wish she was still on the ballot by the time the primary reached my state. I donated to her though! She's been quite a prolific senator, not too flashy, but man she gets a lot done. She's been the primary sponsor of 46 bills that were enacted, compared to Bernie's 4 (one of them simply naming a post office..).

The transgender issue, now with the roe v wade decision, may be one way for Dem candidates to win primaries against their gender-woo colleagues. They may be almost identical candidates EXCEPT THAT they don't support gender woo. And that may actually win them primaries??? I hope and pray???

Biden posted a comment saying "women's right to choose" as well. Nice to see them remember we exist, though I'm sure when this dies down, they'll be right back to dehumanizing us.

Could be "under the cover of" roe v. wade rollback, some Dems will break from the pack and start running on sex-based rights platform. Yes, I'm saying this disaster in so many ways, may have one silver lining, and that is emboldening Dems fed up with gender crap to actually step forward and say so publicly, let the chips fall where they may.

They vote lockstep. Not a single nationally elected Democrat has spoken up or voted for women vs crossdressing men since Tulsi Gabbard. Not one.

Not trying to nitpick the public statement—I appreciate it. I’ve seen it all over my social media feed today. I wish they’d cut out “and her doctor”. Women make decisions for themselves, period full stop. Doctors (and perhaps partners, family members, core friends) are consulted. I found myself disliking the addition of “and her doctor” to validate a woman making decisions solo.

Again not trying to pick it apart and be annoying AF, just sharing a thought I had on it.

Agree. Especially as so many doctors prohibit women from making the health care decisions they need.

I think it's a way to show that abortion is health care...but you're right, it should be 'a woman's decision to be known only to her doctor' or similar.

Oh no!! Klobuchar just murdered 20 million trans people with one tweet!!!! /s

It’s funny how this one word constitutes bravery in these strange times.

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Amy Klobuchar, @ amyklobuchar

Health care decisions should be between a woman and her doctor, not Ted Cruz.

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