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Caring about what men are doing to women and children behind closed doors is radical feminism. This is what you give up when you say “the personal is political” is an outdated term and “personal life” (eg family life and intimate relationships) is separate from politics. It becomes no one’s business that a woman is being abused as long as you don’t see it. As a radical feminist it’s my job to see it and make it a problem for everyone.

Thank you for saying this.

The "behind closed doors" argument, for any kind of abuse, essentially reinforces women being the private property of men, such that in the privacy of their own homes men can do with their private property as they will.

Women are nobody's property and therefore the idea that they can be treated as such so long as no one sees is abhorrent.

Same with pornography and the recent House of Commons scandal in the UK. It is extra-offensive for men to view porn in public, but it's also wrong for them to do so in private.

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It’s basic radical feminism that what happens to women “in private” is of utmost concern. The most basic tool of radical feminism is a consciousness raising group: women meeting together and telling the truth to each other about what is going on “behind closed doors.” It’s crazy to me that so many people don’t have the basics of radical feminism down, even as we are constantly smeared in one way or another whether it’s by conservatives, gender crits or TRAs.

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The most basic tool of radical feminism is a consciousness raising group: women meeting together and telling the truth to each other about what is going on “behind closed doors.”

And this is exactly why the transgender agenda is such a huge threat to women and feminism, as it tries to eradicate women meeting and speaking with other women, and takes the very words from our mouths that we would use to describe the truth of our condition.

In my city, there are no longer any woman-only groups operating publicly. Not a single one. All shut down. And shut up.

You are right; it's not just a question of women wanting to have lunch. It is a fundamental means through which we defend ourselves and our rights and our boundaries, and support one another. It's absolutely shocking, it still brings me up short that this is really happening.

Right?! It's the same rhetoric that gets applied to domestic violence when people say it's private business.

Every time someone talks about "consent" in kink, I bring up wecantconsenttothis.uk the site listing the names of women who have died in the UK alone due to such dangerous activities.

I don't care what people do in their private lives - with willing participants. But no one can be genuinely willing if they don't know what they are getting themselves into.

It was also one of the arguments for gay marriage, that it was none of anyone else's business what two consenting adults do in the bedroom. But in cases of abuse, it changes--of course. It can't be one rule for both because the situations are completely different, and this is where the kink argument falls down. They try to argue that kink is between two consenting adults, and ignore that kink is often indistinguishable from abuse. That's the connection that can never be made, because no one can consent to abuse.

I got this thrown at me at lot when I used to be more vocal about my judgement of kink-positive culture. I’d always be like “Well, I don’t care what someone does behind closed doors in the sense that I think we should all be monitored and they should be arrested…but I think certain behaviors can tell you enough about a person to judge them as someone you don’t respect or want around you…” but there was still this whole idea of attacking me for being sooooo crazy as to care about someone’s private life. I was truly baffled by not being able to understand the distinction though. I can grant that you should be “allowed” to do a lot of things that would make me judge the hell out of you and tell anyone who asked that I had a problem with you. It’s not like just because something is done in the home and doesn’t “spill out” onto others then it’s harmless!

I feel so sad for the generations who don't know about cuddly exploratory nice sex without costumes and props.

Anyone else notice that ‘woman of the year Rachael Levine’ was married to his wife for 30 years and had 2 kids…and yet their divorce was finalized 2 years after his transition (from gross to grosser)

Why do they always get married and have kids first?

To trap them. Ensure they are linked to these perverts forever through the child. Just like every other abuser. I've noticed more and more that they're not even waiting for the child to be born anymore- so many men "transitioning", i.e. revealing their perversion, as soon as the wife falls pregnant. It's sickening

They often use the wife as a beard to appear normal and masculine in public, and they often start acting out when the daughter reaches adolescence.

It makes me smile thinking of him trying to get marriage and kids…after

Tfw your politics elevate consent from the bare minimum of sexual relations to practically the golden threshold of sainthood, then you proceed to presume consent exists even in arrangements where it's highly implausible that women with options would voluntarily enter into or stay in those arrangements. Eureka! Everyone is saved and we don't have to change a damn thing about the institution of marriage or the prostitution industry.