"Ranting" - that's all you need to know about the writer of that tweet. And every political movement must be a coordinated campaign to win influence - YAY for women!!!

Why are these imbeciles surprised that women don’t want to be erased, gaslit and bullied on a mass scale? ... also, a “ranting essay” how DARE a woman share her opinion! The nerve!

I've already said they'll come out with a hit piece saying those who spoiled their ballots were all paid by the "far right" in an anti trans conspiracy.

They make no sense at all. Women wanting our sex class recognised and respected =right wing bigots!

Nothing wrong even if it IS a coordinated campaign. All politics is coordinated campaigns, and most political writing is ranting. It looks different only when women do it.

As if we are a voting mafia or something. God forbid women get involved in the democratic process.

I knew the Welshies wouldn’t let us down! What is it they say about the hearts of dragons!

Love and miss you cardiff 💕 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Next thing they'll be telling us that 40% of the population voting for just one party is a "coordinated campaign"! The very nerve of them!

It could be fun to read a history book written by someone like that.

In a high security government facility in 1960, a nefarious plot to send humans into space was secretly developed. These government agents, authorized to spend YOUR tax dollars, hired the best scientists from all over the and swore them to secrecy while working on this project. We tried contacting some of these people to find out why they wanted to send someone into space and what exactly they planned to do while up there, but they were unavailable for comment (because they passed away 20 years ago, but nevermind that).

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Yes, as if members of a demographic coming together to understand their own concerns and needs, and then voting / acting together on that understanding is a nefarious thing. 🙄

Why yes, there was certainly some coordination going on.

Between ourselves and Wales - Women's Rights Network mostly, but also with many other sister groups in Wales.

Woman=adult human female as a sticker or message to spoil ballots with first came up about 8 years ago now on mumsnet, and has been discussed some on Twitter. And brought up repeatedly around elections, in these areas. I think ‘coordinated campaign’ is pushing it, but there have been many discussions about political homelessness and the value of ballot spoiling with the same core message, given that representative for the candidates, or the candidates, all have to see all spoiled ballots to agree they are spoiled, and because spoiled ballots are tallied as a % of voters. If there are no candidates willing to go on record as publicly against self id/pro women’s rights.

There was definately co-ordinated campaigning going on - Maya Forstater was promoting the Womens Rights Network 'respect my sex if you want my x' campaign. Its been reported in the Times, Guardian & Daily Fail.

There’s was a coordinated effort to ask the same questions, I didn’t notice past that if it was being advised to ballot spoil with the same message this time or not. I think often many of us do without any encouragement, after the early discussions around ballot spoiling years back. But tbf I do so anyways, so don’t keep up with whatever/if strategies are discussed these days.

Coordinated effort just sounds very devious for something that’s just participating in democracy.

oh is that what it was, I couldnt remember so I just wrote you dont get my x if you dont protect my sex on it, then a few words to clarify and left it at that.

When the wonderful woman who wrote the essay sees this, can we please have the essay?


YES!!!!! That is awesome. This is exactly the result we want, short of politicians actually respecting our sex.

If enough people do this it sends a very strong message.

I love the 'ranting essay' comment. Go women of Cardiff. Keep on ranting.

Image Transcription: Twitter

Alex Seabrook, @ AlexGSeabrook

A counting staff member pulls me aside to say there is a definite pattern in the spoiled ballots, with many saying 'respect my sex to get my x', appearing to be a coordinated campaign. One ballot even had a ranting essay

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Anyone good at coordinating stuff want to make this happen in Ontario for our upcoming election? I don't want to vote for any of the big parties, so I was thinking I'd vote for a candidate from some small party, so I've already decided on making my vote mostly useless anyway. :P

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No because the trans thing is a federal issue, not a provincial one, and Ford needs to go. I want us to continue to have public healthcare.

Also Elections Ontario wouldn’t take the time to consider or review anything written on a ballot, they’d just count it as spoiled. Things are way more process oriented here, in the UK they allow for a little chaos.

In some ways it's a federal issue. There has been the provincial issue of adding gender ideology to sex-ed in schools.

Ah that’s true

I think that’s a big part of why Wynn lost. Massive parts of the 905 are religious

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