TikTok allows literal child grooming and animal abuse on its platform but deletes this comment?! Just goes to show that keeping Big Tech in its place and clipping its wings is a good idea. They have the power to determine what the public conversation is allowed to be and it’s very much driven by people with individual agendas which are definitely anti women.

Just wow. You know old Eric Blair probably isn’t that happy that he was more right than he could ever have predicted. Seriously, could anyone, anyone ever have predicted a world where material reality is judged not only wrong but hateful?

Orwell did in his novels. But I don't think even he realized it would get this bad

it was meant to be warning wasn't it?

he saw the way the wind was blowing and wrote a cautionary book about how it would be in the future if we dont change our ways and fight back.

But its totally not hateful to have doctors promoting "affirming top surgery" to children with body image issues

I wish Trump had managed to ban TikTok before he was voted out. We'd all be better off without it

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Carly, @ CorruptionSick

Just got banned from Tiktok for writing a supportive comment about JK Rowling. It states I have promoted 'hateful ideology' for writing that "JK has done a lot of good".