JKR wrote "I support women's right to safe, legal abortion"

Somehow this person twists that into "I only support abortion when it is legal".

"only women can get pregnant"

"oh so women who can't get pregnant aren't women?"

"99% of sexual offenders are men"

"oh so 99% of men are sexual offenders?"

A truly braindead lot.

Apparently the Stonewall barrister in the Bailey tribunal attacked Alison Bailey in court for “not caring about older lesbians.”

Because she said she was concerned about young lesbians.

Bonus: Alison Bailey is a lesbian in her fifties.

There is something about trans activism that makes even practicing barristers and eminent scientists into complete morons.

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For people who claim to be all so philosophical, they are very lacking in basic logic.

  • "X implies Y" does not entail/mean "not-X implies not-Y".
  • "A can get pregnant implies A is a woman" does not entail/mean "A cannot get pregnant implies A is not a woman".

All this could be fixed by a semester-long course on logic but that won't sit right with their "correct is subjective" philosophies.

[–] Luna_Lovegood 10 points Edited

Relativism is just code for “I’m too lazy or cowardly to form a real opinion”

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This. When did logic disappear from education, minds and science!?

My 99% of the time logic ass is so damn confused....

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I took philosophy at secondary school. As a higher subject (so upper end of Scottish secondary schools). It was what’s termed a crash higher, because it wasn’t studied at standard grade level. So this was the first taste of philosophy we all had. The entire class got 100% in the logic section of our prelim exams, because logic really is that easy. What the fuck happened in the intervening decades that critical thinking has disappeared and logic is no longer so simple anyone who can study at secondary school higher level grasps it perfectly.

(And philosophy was the subject we all took to get out of doing what we felt were real subjects, and because our philosophy/religious education teacher was a huge stoner who left his classroom open for us to hang out in and listen to music at lunch. None of us took it seriously, and plenty of us flunked the essay section, but logic was piss easy).

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This is the dumbest interpretation of what she said possible

Once again these people prove they don’t have basic reading comprehension skills.

This child uses a trowel to smooth out the brain every morning.

I'm noticing the fact that she went out of her way to blur the person's name, because contrary to what TRAs accuse her of, she is mindful of the size of her audience and won't paint a target on the back of someone who is unfairly twisting her words to harm her reputation.

She's undeniably classy.

If anyone was targeting these cretins in the first place ...

I support women's right to safe, legal abortion

Do they just not have even the most basic reading comprehension skills?

When they do stuff like this it just strikes me as completely desperate straw grasping.

i've found that the issue is with this sort of thing is they say this stuff over and over until people believe it. like when you go on reddit there are fools who truly believe rowling has said things like trans people deserve to die or are all murderers because they've just read the most absurd takes from other fools and never read her actual manifesto. i've found that they usually also tend to be people who don't like to admit they are incorrect.

I heard Rowling only supports abortions if they're done on a Tuesday with the permission of the woman's baby-daddy and her pastor!!

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I don’t think they’re brain dead or it’s a misrepresentation. I think (know) that it’s an intentional action.

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