This woman is awesome. I was just thinking about how I left my last ex because he constantly bragged about how he respected women, but also constantly told me what to do or think, because what I already did or think was wrong. So much mansplaining over how I should not like this or stand here or think that this is important, but I should like that and stand over there and that is vert important. Oh but he told me he respected women, so it must be true.

And he was hugely onto TWAW. Why, he had trans friends (perverted transbians who threatened peoplle- ugh.) I couldn’t even talk to him About it because he was so “right.”

I got so tired of that shit. They really are all the same, and I learned that the hard way.

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I couldn’t even talk to him About it because he was so “right.”

Yeah the irony of random men (“cis” straight men 🥴) getting all huffy at women when they challenge trans stuff because they’re…respectful and feminist and what not?…is so infuriating. Have your opinions but know your place ultimately. I’m white and one of my friends who is black is of the opinion that he doesn’t care if white people say the n-word as long as they’re his friend, clearly not racist, not using it in an offensive way, etc. I personally think they never should regardless of if black people tell them it’s fine. I asked my friend some questions about it and said I disagreed but left it at that. Never got angry, never made him feel like I thought he was terrible…because how am I gonna go and act pissy to a black person because I’m trying to make a point about what’s RACIST and he won’t agree with me? I can have my opinion and carry on living my life according to it while understanding all black people don’t think the same and if there’s a matter specific to black people discussed and someone disagrees with me it’s not my place to go to battle over it. Again, discussion is fine, asserting that you disagree is fine, but going all “oh so you’re one of the bad ones” is insane irony.

Men should be able to be like “I don’t see the harm with “trans women” derp derp” and just leave it at that with no condemnation of you whatsoever but instead it’s like they think it’s their duty to protect “trans women” against the mean, bad women 🙄

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Mansplaining what a woman is-seems like more of the same.

Women are tired of watching men, seeing men, hearing men & feeling men stake claim on our bodes, minds & souls. Hundreds of years of torture cannot force us to charge who we are, how we feel, what we think.

Women are not property to be divvied up, sold off, named & defined by unwoke or woke men who think they know best. Father, son, brother does not know best. Get over it.

Women are women.

Stop colonizing.

Oh my god this is FRICKING AMAZING. Saving, printing, sticking on my notebook.

I would also say women are just tired of watching/seeing/hearing men all the time everywhere. Culture is swamped by males with their male perspectives, having male critics laud their every achievements. For thousands of years. I am so sick of seeing and hearing men everywhere.

Also: "hundreds of years of torture". We should call it what it is. Hundreds of years of culturally sanctioned enslavement and torture of women, by men. It's everywhere, absolutely everywhere, hiding in plain sight and always has been.

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oooooooh you just know this one had them seething!

Link for the article?

Edit: Nvm, I see someone else has posted it

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Good god, there's a rabid TIF in there getting angry that we don't want to use "birthing person" and are making it so she "doesn't exist".