As much as I enjoy her eloquently written essays, it’s been really refreshing to see her finally let go of being nice and let these assholes have it.

Yeh letting go of the tiresome constraints of ‘female politeness’

Ideally we need every, and I mean EVERY GC woman feeling comfortable enough to behave this way. If we get rid of the TIM pandering and our fear of having our jobs and lives ruined by the trans mob we have solved half our problems

Get rid of our fear of having jobs and lives ruined

That’s a tall order. I think GC women are v brave, opinionated and outspoken but we can’t ask possible homelessness of people. There should be laws and rules in place to actually allow us to challenge this without life ruining repercussions

Imagine being a male and telling a woman that a woman's rights issue isn't hers to fight. These people are delusional and disconnected from reality.

Imagine being a male

No thank you! I already have enough nightmares, lol


MrsDrBee spotted a sign over a KEEP PRISONS SINGLE SEX XX sign, which said "terfs weaponise the patriarchy against transfemmes by telling them what women should be" accompanied by a drawing of 5 different coloured knives.

Jo responded "You can always tell a real woman by the pretty rainbow way she draws knives."

To which the arsehole f*therfucker TimPaul_illo said "That's such a stupid ignorant thing to say to just upset people. Sheesh. Give it up. Are you so blind to how much hurt you've caused people fighting a fight that isn't even yours to fight, because you've become to big and rich for anyone to really touch?"

Prompting JK's "🖕"

What a badass.

P.S. How the fuck are women's rights, including the right for women not to be imprisoned with their rapists and raped and impregnated, not our fight to fight? Women's rights have been solely women's fight for centuries, because men do not give. one. shit. As evidenced by Tim the misogynistic arsehole Paul over here.

[–] SarahSaysSure 3 points Edited

If a woman is just someone with a female gender identity, how is it true that patriarchy tells the group “women” what to be? Throughout history, AMABs with female gender identities—that is, “women”—have been allowed much more freedom than AFABs with female gender identities (or otherwise). In fact, AFAB is slightly incorrect, as people can tell the sex of an infant before birth. (That’s how all that sex-selective abortion happened! “AFABs” are discerned and discarded, based on something determined at conception, not birth). Are POC perpetuating white supremacy by insisting that POC ought not to be white à la Rachel Dolezal? Are they following white supremacy when they recognize themselves as non-white, just as women recognize themselves as women by being female? Why do misogynists conflate boundaries erected by women with their own systemic exclusion of women from power, similarly to racists who think minority safe spaces are racism akin to white-mediated segregation (“the real racism”, “self-racism”, “if you’re so equal why not let colonizers in?”)? Where did people get the idea that women being female is some expectation to be subverted, when people can accept that being non-Caucasian isn’t an “expectation” of POC but simply how one distinguishes a “POC” from a “white” person in the first place? Why should femaleness be considered a restriction on women when heritage—also genetically-derived—isn’t considered a similar oppressive restriction for racial identity? Nobody gets a choice on either—which is why it’s society’s treatment of you rather than your inherent physical characteristics that entail oppression—and if you’re talking about oppression, it’s nothing but irrelevant that someone male identified “as a woman” when they were granted all the same privileges as any male person, gender conformity (something cis men don’t always follow) notwithstanding. Nothing—not credit, not suffrage, not freedom of reproductive choice, not equality in marriage—has ever been denied to someone based on their female gender identity. Just their ability to bear children, and how it apparently makes AFABs irrational and given to domestic labor and all the other garbage piled onto women over the centuries—no, millennia.

Seriously hope plenty of people called them out. Geez.

I love her. She is completely wonderful.

How dare they tell ANY woman that women’s rights are none of her business. Fuck them.

Image Transcription: Twitter

J.K. Rowling, @ jk_rowling

Blind to the fact it upsets you that a woman you can't bully out of a job is speaking up for women's rights? I'm a survivor of sexual assault and domestic violence. It would be a gross betrayal of the woman I was at 28, and every woman like her, if I didn't stand up now. Tl;dr: 🖕

[Image of another Tweet, cropped at the edges.]

...hat's such a stupid ignorant thing to say to just upse...

...eople. Sheesh. Give it up. Are you so blind to how

...uch hurt you've caused people fighting a fight that

...n't even yours to fight, because you've become to bi...

...nd rich for anyone to really touch?

Oh, darling

Look who is really salty that she is ‘too rich to touch’

What an odd thing to say to a could be billionaire if you don’t see yourself as punitive bullies

Lesson learned JKR. Don't watch Magdalen Berns' videos unless you wanna become...... I mean on a serious note, Magdalen's videos are what did me in, Magdalen explained everything with such eloquence and with such a "no BS, no tiptoeing - right to the point" attitude. I wonder if JKR got into it the same way.

[–] spw 11 points

They are the ones who are ignorant. Pretty sure most of them don't understand any of our beliefs. Like them assuming that we are against people who don't conform to gender stereotypes or LGB people when literally the whole point is those people don't need to change their gender

Pretty sure most of them don't understand any of our beliefs.

They do. They don't care. Their entire movement and existence is based on and relies upon and is contingent upon upholding 'gender' and having women's subordinate status in the 'gender' hierarchy enshrined in law, when the women's liberation movement has been fighting for centuries to abolish it.

They know and they don't care, because it's literally an anti-woman's movement. And they can't exist if feminists exist. Which is why they slur us and smear us and try to misrepresent us. Don't assume they are ignorant. Similarly, it is cunning the way they have forced teamed with gay liberation, when they are anti-gay liberation. It's purely a sinister and pernicious men's sexual rights movement.

It’s not only that they don’t care, they deliberately spread false information because they know wokies won’t bother reading and hope the normies don’t either. Just like how most of the people talking about JKR’s “transphobia” never actually read what she wrote.

Yes. They know women have rights and that’s what infuriates them, same as all the other MRAs.

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