One truth further:

You can go to jail for having an abortion, get raped by a man in jail, and then be forced to carry the baby.

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I keep thinking about what JKR said that this was the most misogynistic period she had ever seen, and all the older women who have been talking about this since the 1960s-1970s, and I just. I'm barely experiencing it and every day the feeling of wishing I didn't exist grows stronger

I am the same age as JK. She's right. I've never seen things this bad.

GenXer here checking in. There’s always been misogyny even born into the Second Wave as I was but I’ve never seen or experienced anything like this either. The hatred men feel for us is evident at every level of society from the personal to the political.

Another Gen Xer here and I’ve gotta say the deciding factor is probably the meteoric rise of, and ubiquity of, porn in the modern age. I 100% thinks this is causing a more vicious misogyny than we ever thought possible. It’s infusing boys with misogynistic entitlement and a fetish for brutality before they’ve even held hands with girls.

I 💯% agree with you. I say this to people, that the pornification of society hasn’t done good things for anyone and I get looks like I’m an old lady prude. I’m not against sec or pleasure but pornography is neither. It’s taken over society.

A little bit of good news though is that there is a tiny groundswell of young women who are just quietly opting out of hook up culture, porn addled men and dating in general unless the guy proves himself not a hateful pervert. I guess it doesn’t take too many surprise rapes or surprise chokings for the truth to sink in. I tell the younger women that we would have fallen off our barstools if a guy had even proposed some of the stuff that they now feel absolutely entitled to before they even know your name practically.

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... every day the feeling of wishing I didn't exist grows stronger

Same. Everyday I feel double suicidal

Hell I’m even getting there myself. I am so jealous of women who got to be around during the second wave. Life seems pretty pointless now.

To be fair, the right wouldn't put you in the rapist's cell to begin with. But they'd happily make you have some other rapist's baby

Call me a conspiracy theorist. But considering how HARD the left has been going for surrogacy lately, part of me wonders if they have plans to put these prison babies up for sale in shady adoptions. Sadly, preying on vulnerable women to farm babies for rich folks is nothing new. And it might be a cheaper alternative to surrogacy for rich people who want a bargain baby (plus the ability to virtue signal about adopting the "unwanted offspring of a junkie" or whatever)

All infant adoptions are shady. Infant adoption is the original surrogacy. And yes, plans are already underway to reinvent the maternity prison for pregnant girls.

The left will put you in a prison with a rapist while calling themselves feminist.  

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As our queen Germaine Greer once said, it's getting harder and harder to be a woman.

Edit: within the context of recent history, not like on a scale of the entire history of the global subjugation of women.

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I miss when I would have thought this was a warning, instead of a report 😔

If it's really "his baby" make him carry it. Calling a fetus a "baby" is forced birther language. Saying that the fetus belongs to the rapist who violated the pregnant woman is just offensive.