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I find of all of these things, the topic that gets me the most flack from both men and women is objectification. The notion of self objectification triggers people so badly. I think objectifying women, and encouraging women to self objectify, is one of the most pervasive and deeply embedded features of patriarchy. All women, rich or poor, of any nationality, are marketed and often use makeup and focus on their bodies and appearance in ways their male counterparts never do. It's also at the root of all of these issues; male violence, pedophilia, sex work etc. all depend on viewing the victims of these practices as nothing more than objects. It's very hard for both men and women to really empathize with women and recognize the fullness and complexity of their subjecthood.

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I know I objectify myself, even though I know better. It’s just so deeply ingrained in us.

PS - I’m finding your idea that objectification is at the root of so many evils brilliant and intriguing. Yes, I know these ideas have been put side by side before but I haven’t seen anyone else saying that objectification is the first mover.

if men dont like feminism that means we are doing something right, stick to the kind of feminism thats not accepted by men, if its accepted its worthless and fighting for nothing.

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The worst part is there are so many lib fems who want their participation trophies from the patriarchy by defending men. The ultimate prize will be these terrible men, do they not realise this?

This image and quote is from the absolutely always brilliant @PankhurstEM (Dr EM), subtweeting the latest DH fuckery.

An adult male arguing that 3 year olds have sexual desires and sexual perversions, that young children get turned on, is telling you loud and clear who they are. No matter what fancy language tricks they try to use.

Yes disgusting moid... exactly which topic has hit too close to home??

When they “not all men” you, that’s when you know they’re feeling personally targeted by women complaining about men abusing us. They’re scared of being held accountable.

The "not all men" rhetoric completely derails the conversation every single time. We have to shut that down the second it comes up. Makes me so mad, too...

I have two that are kind of related:

-The notion that men are frequent victims of domestic violence and other forms of abuse. The way the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp debacle has brought this rhetoric to the forefront has made me want to stay off the internet.

-The notion that men are the real victims because more men die by violent crimes, suicide, etc. The follow up is that it's easier to be a women.

Your first point is so important because it’s pretty much impossible to counter with evidence precisely because it is predicated on the idea that it is completely secret, so of course there wouldn’t be data if men won’t report or whatever. And then you look like a monster for not believing survivors or whatever.

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I always find it instructive when men see me as the wrong kind of feminist & don't like what I say. I centre women and children, I fight paedophilia, I fight the sex industry & objectification, I analyse male violence against women & girls. Which topic has hit too close to home? - Dr Em

Good human.

In all seriousness, thanks for doing the image transcription. It's a great practice.

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Unfortunately objectifying women is so engrained in our society that hardly anyone realises it is a problem and will deny its existence. And even if they recognise it they say things like "women choose to be seen that way" and still not think it is a problem so I think that is what people object to?