In case people aren't familiar with 'Black Mirror" you can watch the episodes in any order, they're basically short movies. This is 'Nose Dive' and another highly recommended episode is 'San Junipero'.

Such a good episode and an underrated scene. Co-written by Rashida Jones!

Wow i didn't know she writes too! I liked her in parks and recreation

Writer, singer, producer, and director! She does it all!

Jodie Foster directed the Arkangel episode, too c:

Tired of pretending you don't feel uncomfortable? Tired of lying to obvious men in skirts that they aren't men? Be a radfem today.

Their expressions fit the captions perfectly!

This was the second-best Black Mirror after San Junipero.

I still cry every time I watch San Junipero. My wife and I used Heaven is Place on Earth for our wedding dance.

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Oh gosh, this episode of Black Mirror. It's so unfortunately real these days...

I just saw that episode for the second time a couple of days ago, and I loved the attitude of that old(er) woman :-)

Me too. When I watched it I was like, 'yeah, I'm going to be her'. I chucked away my smartphone quite soon after that.