I loved most of it, was going to post, but I think there is a huge cultural difference in developing countries, most of the people I know wouldn't get it

I'm observing some mass delusions and wonder how much the viral speed of internet based media contributes to this ... people in developing countries may spend more time locked into reality to believe some of these things

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This reminds me of two videos I saw recently on Reddit where both showed a man and a woman either on drugs or having a mental health episode jumping onto someone's car. In one of them, a woman jumps onto a guy's car and he gets out and punches her and pushes her off his car onto hard concrete. In the other video a man is literally in a woman's FRONT YARD jumping on her car and the woman is just yelling at him telling him to get off. All the commenters were calling her a bitch and that she was overreacting etc whereas in the other video everyone was defending the guy. I hate society.

It's our responsibility to make sure we don't get attacked or raped, but also we're not allowed to defend ourselves in a potentially life threatening situation.

I saw something else posted where they switch the comments about fathers with mothers, and it's SO eye-opening.

"It was so nice, she took the kids out to the park by herself!“

“She's so sweet, she'll help with the night feedings for the baby"

I knew there were big expectation gaps for men and women when it came to children, but just seeing those phrases made it such a stark realization for me.

It should've included "doesn't want kids", "being a single mom/dad", "being single by choice"

So true! People loooove single dads and bend over to help them with everything while people scorn single mothers.

I love this! So well observed. I like the way "cooks dinner" is pretty much the best thing a man can do.

The placement of "wants sex/doesn't want sex" for men vs women is perfect.

Also "spends time in the presence of a woman without raping her" as a major achievement of wholesomeness.

The only thing men have to do to be amazing is exist. The only thing women have to do to be horrifically evil is exist.

Proof we live in a patriarchy. It's about more than just legal rights.

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"spends time in the presence of a woman without raping her"

TERRIFIC INCREDIBLE AMAZING SHOWSTOPPING UNBELIEVABLE HEROIC WONDERFUL how can he control himself so well he is a god among mortals we must bow to him and he must get all the sex

Wait wait why is “hits women” so close to wholesome ??😭 I do agree with, like, 99% of this though rip

Oh cool, I’m on my way to being horrifically evil just for the first two. 😄