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Not black but it's plain to see white liberals have used gender identity to attack black people and other people of color and put themselves at the top of the oppression totem pole 🤷‍♀️ just like how blm is entirely self serving to make white people feel like they're definitely not evil and racist at best, or at worst using BLM and race issues to attack other white people with while usually being just as racist

EDIT: personally I've grown tired of the constant bids to oppression and the clout chasing that comes with it, I seriously do not have the time to be lectured by a fetishistic male in thigh highs just because other women have fooled themselves into believing he's oppressed because he said so people need to unironically check their privilege before opening their damn mouths

Yes, the gender crap is absolutely a way for relatively privileged people who are pissed off that a fraction of the conversation now doesn't revolve around them to regain some power. It's a way for straight white middle class people to shut down conversations and bully others. There's a huge majority of people who are compassionate and want to believe someone who says they're oppressed, but they're just being manipulated.

I've come to the conclusion that we need to just get rid of the oppression hierarchy altogether. Yes acknowledge that different people have had different experiences, but this stuff is a cancer on the left. It's totally unproductive. Everyone is walking on eggshells knowing that one wrong look and a creepy man in a miniskirt can cancel their careers.