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I’m so convinced that there is a heavy, heavy incel and neonazi cross over that become TIMs, like yeah a lot got groomed by porn or people “cracking eggs” but there’s so many white TIMs who use their status of “oppressed trans woman” to shout down and cancel black women and women of colour who speak out (they’ve got their fair share of white handmaidens too).

I’m white and honestly pretty ignorant all things considered but I see it so often that it’s really peaked my interest.

They’re the first to be like:

Support black owned buisness 🥰

Friendly reminder to center black voices 🤗

ACAB/ BLM ✊🏽 ✊🏾 ✊🏿

But then the moment they don’t agree with something that a (particularly) black woman has said they shout her down, cancel her, drag her buisness and professional life etc.

Diverting slightly but they love to speak over WOC too, I was on diet paradas Instagram page the other day and they were talking about some shitty woman who sold a fake vintage bag in her vintage boutique, there was video footage of the black woman who had purchased the bag trying to return it to the store and explain to the owner why she was annoyed, it was filmed by her husband and uploaded to the internet. But diet Prada, who’s one of the biggest fashion Instagram pages, ended the videos with a white effeminate man (idk if he was gay or a gender special or what) talking about his OUTRAGE at how this could happen to this poor black woman. Like…? She’s not a child why didn’t you contact her or her husband for a statement? Who’s this nobody speaking for her? She’s a grown woman she can speak for herself? Anyone who watched the videos she and her husband uploaded understood the situation but we’ve gotta make sure to have the white man with his sassy attitude and highlighter hair colour remind us why this is bad.

It was… it really rubbed me the wrong way.

I completely agree with the incel/neonazi crossover. There are way too many similarities between them and TiMs. And the minute you give white men "ultimate victim status" they're going to talk over and degrade POC and women.