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I’m so convinced that there is a heavy, heavy incel and neonazi cross over that become TIMs, like yeah a lot got groomed by porn or people “cracking eggs” but there’s so many white TIMs who use their status of “oppressed trans woman” to shout down and cancel black women and women of colour who speak out (they’ve got their fair share of white handmaidens too).

I’m white and honestly pretty ignorant all things considered but I see it so often that it’s really peaked my interest.

They’re the first to be like:

Support black owned buisness 🥰

Friendly reminder to center black voices 🤗

ACAB/ BLM ✊🏽 ✊🏾 ✊🏿

But then the moment they don’t agree with something that a (particularly) black woman has said they shout her down, cancel her, drag her buisness and professional life etc.

Diverting slightly but they love to speak over WOC too, I was on diet paradas Instagram page the other day and they were talking about some shitty woman who sold a fake vintage bag in her vintage boutique, there was video footage of the black woman who had purchased the bag trying to return it to the store and explain to the owner why she was annoyed, it was filmed by her husband and uploaded to the internet. But diet Prada, who’s one of the biggest fashion Instagram pages, ended the videos with a white effeminate man (idk if he was gay or a gender special or what) talking about his OUTRAGE at how this could happen to this poor black woman. Like…? She’s not a child why didn’t you contact her or her husband for a statement? Who’s this nobody speaking for her? She’s a grown woman she can speak for herself? Anyone who watched the videos she and her husband uploaded understood the situation but we’ve gotta make sure to have the white man with his sassy attitude and highlighter hair colour remind us why this is bad.

It was… it really rubbed me the wrong way.

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The neonazi to transcel pipeline is definitely real, enough so that it's a stereotype

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I know one of these in real life. First he went MGTOW, (well, there was some religious fanaticism before that too, come to think) then started fanboi-ing all over Proud Boys, a white supremacists group, despite not being white himself, and now he's "more woman than any of us britches will ever be."

It is, and tons of these dudes in typical male fashion will think their transness erases their past shit behavior towards minorities and that it makes them the most “superior” of all marginalized groups so they can talk over and cancel women and even minority men.

I completely agree with the incel/neonazi crossover. There are way too many similarities between them and TiMs. And the minute you give white men "ultimate victim status" they're going to talk over and degrade POC and women.

There's a term in incel groups when they do that kind of stuff - transmaxing. Since it's a-okay to tell a lesbian she's a bigot for not wanting to touch a TIM's dong, that gives them a shield even though a lot of TRAs are okay with calling lesbians and radfems 'incels'. It's mostly virtue signaling as these people tend not to have actual friends because they're too busy policing each other's language.

A lot of the white supremacists were coomers to begin with, I feel. I specifically remember a neo on tumblr who was also a TIM, and I doubt he's the only one.

‘Black birthing bodies’ sounds like a term dreamt up by the Ku Klux Klan.

I’m white, but it makes me extremely uncomfortable. For me, I’d no more be able to utter such a phrase than more well known racial slurs. I don’t understand how people might not see that where a history of treating Black women specifically as property that could be used to breed more property exists, that terminology like this is even more horrific and insensitive.

Is it mostly white TRAs/misogynists who are doing this? I know that a lot of BM suck and are very sexist but I still can't imagine even an extremely misogynistic BM (except maybe a TIM, though I haven't yet heard it from Black TIMs either) referring to BW as "Black birthing bodies."

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They're always clockable even from a small, low-res preview of a profile picture. Sex dimorphism is just THAT STRONG.

I was laughing at the way he has that short one side, long the other haircut (🤢) but all it does is emphasise his male-pattern baldness and fivehead.

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This is why White men go trans. If this guy were still presenting as "cis", his woke friends would tear him apart for talking over Black women about a Black women's issue. But, because he's a super mega oppressed trans-woman, he's above Black females in the hierarchy and can talk to them however he pleases

From the people who say "center the voices of black women!" Fucking racist colonizers. If they're speaking, they're lying. The old saying, if a politician's lips are moving, they're lying = if a TRA's fingers are tapping on a keyboard, they're lying.

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Not black but it's plain to see white liberals have used gender identity to attack black people and other people of color and put themselves at the top of the oppression totem pole 🤷‍♀️ just like how blm is entirely self serving to make white people feel like they're definitely not evil and racist at best, or at worst using BLM and race issues to attack other white people with while usually being just as racist

EDIT: personally I've grown tired of the constant bids to oppression and the clout chasing that comes with it, I seriously do not have the time to be lectured by a fetishistic male in thigh highs just because other women have fooled themselves into believing he's oppressed because he said so people need to unironically check their privilege before opening their damn mouths

Yes, the gender crap is absolutely a way for relatively privileged people who are pissed off that a fraction of the conversation now doesn't revolve around them to regain some power. It's a way for straight white middle class people to shut down conversations and bully others. There's a huge majority of people who are compassionate and want to believe someone who says they're oppressed, but they're just being manipulated.

I've come to the conclusion that we need to just get rid of the oppression hierarchy altogether. Yes acknowledge that different people have had different experiences, but this stuff is a cancer on the left. It's totally unproductive. Everyone is walking on eggshells knowing that one wrong look and a creepy man in a miniskirt can cancel their careers.

Good for her. I love her healthy boundaries and refusal to be redefined by someone who has no business to do that.

The dehumanization becomes even more clear when the term "birthing bodies" is applied to Black women ("black birthing bodies"). "Ironic Wolf" has it right: the term harkens back to slavery, when Black women were "breeders" and slaveowners were keen to "increase their stock." (Black men were dehumanized by such terms as "buck," which also dehumanized them and reduced them to their reproductive capacity.)

I love that woman's response! I think it's the way we should reply to all of them, every time.

That they don't see how offensive "birthing people" shows their poor understanding. That they don't see how "black birthing people" is even more specifically offensive is.........Do they understand black history at all?

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