Also, if a person goes into the ER with abdominal pain, the checklist is VERY different depending on if the patient is male or female. At least one stupid TIF nearly died because she told ER staff she was male (so they wasted time checking her for male ailments). Turned out she was suffering a severe miscarriage that killed her fetus and almost caused her to bleed to death because medical staff didn't consider checking "him" for pregnancy until it was almost too late. And this shit will only become more common as more young people jump on this bandwagon, change their official IDs & medical records to reflect the wrong sex, and believe that even acknowledging their birth sex is akin to a million genocides.

Same thing happened to a TIF who had kidney failure, she passes fairly well as a man, probably told everyone she was a man and had her records altered to male.

They had absolutely no idea why she wasn’t getting better when they gave her the typical male treatment for kidney failure.

Finally, somewhere along the line the truth comes out and she got a transplant and got much better,

She had the temerity to blame “lack of trans healthcare” and when I read that, I said out loud, “You should have told them the truth, lady!”

(Cameron Whitely is her name)

[–] Livin 6 points Edited

If she didn't tell them that she is trans, how were her medical providers supposed to know!?! Especially if she changed all of her records to male. It makes no sense. Are they supposed to read your mind, check your genitals?

What I really don't get it and also find super frustrating, is that why don't they just record both their gender and biological sex in their medical records and on their IDs (like drivers license or passport). Have two categories. I think it would really clear up a lot of misunderstandings.

theres a word for that, Darwinism.

maybe we should just let em.

theres a word for that, Darwinism.

maybe we should just let em.

I'm getting to that point as well. There are so many people who have to BEG their doctors to take their symptoms seriously. So I can't bring myself to feel bad for people like Cameron Whiteley who fuck up their own health by lying to their doctors and ruining their healthy bodies with hormones. Natural Selection exists to sort these people out

Why doesn't this TIF publicly speak out and encourage all TIPs to be honest with their health care providers. I'm sick of the "nice" and "not the bad ones" type of trans people not speaking out against trans extremism and lies.

Why doesn't this TIF publicly speak out and encourage all TIPs to be honest with their health care providers.

She was literally willing to die for her trans identity. So I doubt she'll come out and encourage other trans people to not be stupid like her

I think a lot of these TIPs also get turned on by lying and "tricking" their doctors. They feel like they are stealth and if they can trick a doctor, it must give them the biggest high/euphoria

[–] Riothamus scrote 7 points

I really wonder if people will get their claims denied over this nonsense.

I hope this shit peaks hard and soon. I thought of a TIM recently who mentioned thinking transitioning would give him female heart attack symptoms. Obviously other people will recognise them because the male symptom set is so dramatic but holy shit that's the kind of mistake that'll actually kill someone.

He apparently doesn't know that most women still have the typical heart attack symptoms, it's just that atypical symptoms are more common in women

What an idiot. These TIMs are so delusional. TIMs claim that having the same estrogen levels (which are artificially created) as women, makes them biologically women.

When estrogen isnt even the only hormone women produce! Theyre actually so uninformed, but then again when have men ever given a damn about womens anatomy and physiology

just laughing at how ridiculously stupid this all is. the level of absurdity is off the charts. "genderqueer" tells you nothing but that the person is narcissistic.

it's essential that you get your head out of your ass long enough to tell them your BIOLOGICAL SEX that you were BORN WITH. It literally may save your life.

"But but but... that's triggering to muh craniorectal inversion dysphoria!!!" 😭

Tumblr has a legitimate (radical) feminism scene, you can find it from the "terf blocklists" people post :)

I was sad I never made those lists when I posted there. I should have TERFed harder. LOL

yeah definitely, radblr is based but i've never seen these kind of posts have 150k+ notes, at least not without a million people going "op is a terf" "op is a terf" "op is a terf"

or usually a tra/libfem copies something and says "i copied this bc it's true but not reblogging bc it was from a terf"

they are so damn exhausting

ugh. I wonder if they believe all Harry Potter material isn't copyrighted anymore because "it's from a TERF"

Healthcare providers: if you are only an immaterial gender queer online avatar and don’t have a physical sexed body, I guess you won’t be needing any medical care from us :) good day ma’am!

If they acknowledge what the bottom person is saying.. the entire thing falls apart. "If you can't actually identify as the opposite sex, then what's the point of splitting gender from sex? What actually is gender? Oh, it's preferences like who wants to be in the kitchen, has long hair, and wears a skirt? Aren't those stereotypes? Haven't we been trying to push back against stereotypes for the past 60 years? Are you really saying that 'woman' means NOTHING MORE than stereotypes, or even worse, that it means NOTHING at all, and yet somehow you can identify as NOTHING?"

[–] crodish fujoshit 15 points Edited

I know the 160K notes are probably from the post being reblogged by the TQ agreeing with the OP (because tumblr consolidates all the Notes into one space no matter how far out the conversation branches), but man. Imagine if sanity prevailed for a second

i'm sorry it's from 2017 though 😞 so no sanity prevailed in the end...

burst my bubble. I thought suddenly, someone was making sense.

They tried, I guess...

When I wised up to the genderwoo brainwashing this stuff honestly used to keep me up at night, because I had friends who were still trans-identified and would willfully lie to health professionals. Even now, after I've been ex-communicated by all of them as a detrans TERF, I still worry from time to time that they're going to die because of something that could've been avoided if they were honest about their sex... 😔

[–] Livin 8 points Edited

How do these idiots then apply for health insurance and acquire their precious hormones and surgeries, if they don't inform their insurance providers of their biological sex!?! So you going to state that you are male, but then demand testosterone, hysterectomy, and a mastectomy.

Or what if health issues arise, because of your fucking trans status. Maybe health issues arise immediately related to your trans treatments, or maybe there are no health issues the first few years of hormone therapy and your one of the rare lucky few who had no complications from their surgeries. But what about 10 years later, 20 years later, 30 years later. There isn't enough research about the long term impact of opposite sex hormones, or taking puberty blockers and skipping puberty, (and then TRAs prevent any research from taking place). But there is some information available. For example, what if you get a heart attack, develop pancreas issues, and struggle with infertility as a result of too much testosterone over the years? Or you were on puberty blockers, but now at age 25 you have severe osteoporosis? What if you develop prostate cancer, but are a "female"? Or what if you develop thyroid cancer, which can really mess with your hormones, but your on hormone therapy which is effecting your natural hormone levels but you lied about your biological sex, what do you do??

[–] Riothamus scrote 1 points

Aging Eastern Bloc athletes provide us with the closest thing to a long-term study on the effects of cross-sex hormones on adolescent girls.

Horrifyingly enough it seems the average TIF is prescribed a testosterone level in excess of the typical Eastern Bloc Olympian. And she probably doesn't have the kind of super-healthy body that can hold up well against the nasty long-term effects. Add Lupron into the mix and we're going to have a generation of people who FALL APART in their 20s.

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