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How do these idiots then apply for health insurance and acquire their precious hormones and surgeries, if they don't inform their insurance providers of their biological sex!?! So you going to state that you are male, but then demand testosterone, hysterectomy, and a mastectomy.

Or what if health issues arise, because of your fucking trans status. Maybe health issues arise immediately related to your trans treatments, or maybe there are no health issues the first few years of hormone therapy and your one of the rare lucky few who had no complications from their surgeries. But what about 10 years later, 20 years later, 30 years later. There isn't enough research about the long term impact of opposite sex hormones, or taking puberty blockers and skipping puberty, (and then TRAs prevent any research from taking place). But there is some information available. For example, what if you get a heart attack, develop pancreas issues, and struggle with infertility as a result of too much testosterone over the years? Or you were on puberty blockers, but now at age 25 you have severe osteoporosis? What if you develop prostate cancer, but are a "female"? Or what if you develop thyroid cancer, which can really mess with your hormones, but your on hormone therapy which is effecting your natural hormone levels but you lied about your biological sex, what do you do??

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Aging Eastern Bloc athletes provide us with the closest thing to a long-term study on the effects of cross-sex hormones on adolescent girls.

Horrifyingly enough it seems the average TIF is prescribed a testosterone level in excess of the typical Eastern Bloc Olympian. And she probably doesn't have the kind of super-healthy body that can hold up well against the nasty long-term effects. Add Lupron into the mix and we're going to have a generation of people who FALL APART in their 20s.