Same thing happened to a TIF who had kidney failure, she passes fairly well as a man, probably told everyone she was a man and had her records altered to male.

They had absolutely no idea why she wasn’t getting better when they gave her the typical male treatment for kidney failure.

Finally, somewhere along the line the truth comes out and she got a transplant and got much better,

She had the temerity to blame “lack of trans healthcare” and when I read that, I said out loud, “You should have told them the truth, lady!”

(Cameron Whitely is her name)

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If she didn't tell them that she is trans, how were her medical providers supposed to know!?! Especially if she changed all of her records to male. It makes no sense. Are they supposed to read your mind, check your genitals?

What I really don't get it and also find super frustrating, is that why don't they just record both their gender and biological sex in their medical records and on their IDs (like drivers license or passport). Have two categories. I think it would really clear up a lot of misunderstandings.