I wish the men saying this BS would put their money where their mouth is and do a week of prostitution.
If you suggest it to them just look at them wriggle their way out, making excuses for why they personally shouldnt have to do it.

Get in the brothel boys, it's just an ordinary job! All work is "selling your body", so what's the big deal?
Not attracted to men? That's okay, prostituted women are also often trafficked and forced into the role, and even if not they're highly unlikely to find any of their John's at all attractive!
Not interested in doing that sort of work? Neither are 85-90% of prostitutes according to most studies which ask them.
You already have a job and dont feel the need to work as a prostitute or to "prove anything"? Yeah, guess it sucks for these women that there is so much evidence that their chances of getting out of sex work and into a normal job are incredibly low, and employers/pimps will even go out of their way to sabotage references and job offers in order to keep women under their control.
You couldn't do it as it doesnt fit your beliefs/lifestyle/relationship status? Wow, lucky you having the privilege to choose where you work based on those things! Somebody never felt true poverty or coercion!

So male.

It’s like when women discuss periods or childbirth and some scrote always pipes up “but you’ve never been hit in the balls!”

LOL plenty of men seek out being hit in the balls. it gets them off.

"Wrist strain is comparable to dying in childbirth," 🤥

i have avascular necrosis in my wrist that causes arthritis in my hands and carpal tunnel. prostitution is still worse.

I hate this "argument" so much! (It's so bad it doesn't really deserve being recognised as an argument)

The difference between getting paid for your talent/work, and being paid for others to accesses and enter and do with your body what they please just goes straight over their heads! Or perhaps they just duck on purpose, so they don't have to acknowledge the difference and actually look themselves and their exploitation of others in the eye. I mean, how can one look at that list of risks and say it's the same as having back problems from retail without it being a deliberate lie to yourself and others to avoid responsibility. If someone's so eager to ignore and down play the risks of prostitution, it's probably because they need to convince themselves and others that their actions aren't actually so bad.

100% It's like surrogacy- everyone wants the sappy, happy, feel-good story while the woman who paid the price with her body and mind is relegated to the background. I don't know whether it is malicious or wilful ignorance, but the result is the same.

This is a side effect of men never experiencing sex-based oppression, and this particular one reading the cliff notes of Das Kapital (or the frontpage of r/antiwork) and coming away with the impression that all work is equally exploitative.

This is the absolute horrendous logical conclusion of lib fems DARING to even say ‘sex work is real work’

I despised that movement from the start as I knew this is exactly where it would go

I get the need to destigmatise being a prostitute due to society treating them with contempt (ie Yorkshire Ripper) but that could have been done in a slogan like ‘prostitutes are victims’ or ‘prostitution is rape’ or something. Saying it’s ‘just like any other job’ removes all sympathy/guilt from men, as we see here

Yes, I never will understand how the get from "let's treat prostituted women like the people they are" to "prostitution is sooooo000o great for the 1% of women that have the privilege to choose it willingly so therefore it is great for everyone, yay!"

Someone once told me, in an incredibly flippant way, that we shouldn't worry about prostituted women because "they always go back to it when you try to help them anyway"

Since his sales job is just like prostitution, does he have to come into direct physical contact with every bodily fluid imaginable? Do his clients make him do drugs with them? Does he have to allow them to strangle, punch, and spit on him?

Since prostitution is just like a sales job, do pimps managers take over the transaction if the client is particularly difficult?

Right because, being forced to have sex with multiple men and day and catering to often sick fetishes is exactly the same as having to deal with an irate customer or having a sour back. Do these people even hear themselves?

Had a wrist rsi last year. It was depressing to not be able to do shit, but it didn't irreparably alter my view of society and make me dissociate from my body, unable to enjoy my own sexuality. Funny how that works.

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