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Don't know if this is accurate but I heard a long time ago that the men were hunter women were gatherer thing was mostly a myth warped by modern gender roles. Plus, hunting big catches was rare for a species so slow and weak so the gatherers did most of the heavy lifting. If I remember later I'll try find a source but for now take it with a grain of salt.

Edit: A small article from the University of Calgary. There's also more on other websites like NatGeo but I am not paying for that and Inspect is being finicky.

That sounds about right. Hunting wasn't particularly efficient (hunting was a high energy and high calorie cost, and there was a large risk of returning empty handed, thus wasting time and precious calories) so people didn't really rely on it. It was really nice when they actually took down some big game, but the gathering was the backbone of society. It was reliable and stable, unlike the hunt.

Humans are naturally persistence hunters, meaning we were probably chasing down prey for a long time or trapping it. That sort of work requires tools, materials, and an already hardy food base. You can't just chase down hares for 3 hours as if you don't have 6 toddlers back at the Croods' Cave.

Side note: I find it funny how my teacher took a poll of who preferred 'adventure' and they would be hunters or something as if gathering wasn't a heavy-duty workout with so much more to consider. I mean, pointing out poisonous or diseased meat is easy. Meanwhile gatherers somehow must tell the difference between mushrooms that can either give you severe diarrhea, tender flesh that tastes like chicken, or an out-of-body experience. All without having paper to write. I mean, that sounds much more like a high-stakes adventure to me. But I guess since women primarily did it, it MUST be a silly gossip sesh with mysteriously shaved cavewomen wearing bone earrings picking berries!!!

Also, I wonder how people figured out nettles were edible.

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How it always goes:

Woman: “I’m an expert in ____ subject and have several degrees in it. I’ve been studying it for years.”

Man interrupts: “Let me tell you how you’re wrong about ____, little girl.”

I needed this.

The other day my boyfriend and I started talking about the concept of female virginity, and I mentioned the biblical bloody sheets, and he started to say "yes but the concept has been around long before the bible", then our food arrived. So then it was like "where were we" and I said "oh, you were just about to mansplain virginity to me". He was clearly offended and it shut down the conversation, and I felt like the baddie.

I've been trying to work out how to explain to him how it feels when a man tries to tell me anything about an experience than only women have. I don't think he'll get it.