This is absolutely brilliant.

Why can't everyone see this? I'm so f'ing frustrated. I've lost countless long-time friends over this because I've TRIED to explain this to them and all they do is scream TWAW at me and then it's over.

I'm just... THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL, PEOPLE. For fucks sake.

Yes. This is why I always had this niggling feeling that trans rights issues becoming more talked about was a bad thing for women and for feminism. And so it has turned out to be. Indeed, we are going to be legislated back to the 1950s, and we are told that this is progress.

Gender has always been the biggest con sold to women and now we are being double-conned by the insistence that celebrating “gender” is woke and that trans people are the wokest citizens of all for their gender bending abilities. It’s the celebration of mental illness in order to keep women down and reinforce the performance of femininity since women who don’t act traditionally feminine are rapidly being labeled as males and nonbinary

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This made me think of two things:

1) It’s so pervasive now that people have realized this point and that’s why we’re getting the “science” about how either they indeed do have some sort of opposite sex biology (“my brain works the same!” or whatever), OR male and female itself becomes something undefined which can coexist within the same person “scientifically”. At worst it’s some kind of outdated and false belief of white supremacy— but many have already tried to back themselves out of this corner by ascribing actual biological opposite sex characteristics to trans people.

2) in a similar vein to one…to me there actually is something to the idea that we are inherently different psychologically in some ways. Yes I don’t mean that we naturally love stereotypical things, but I mean, for example, that we tend to be predisposed to observational worries (noticing your environment carefully and being concerned about it— which causes the qualities that show even from youth such as actually listening to your teacher, not obliviously stomping onto puddles around others, being more adverse to rough play, etc).

Some things like that I think are obviously in a woman’s nature, coming from her sex and biology inherently. There’s no metaphysical essence that bestows it that even males can tap into or whatever. So, that still precludes them from having any inherently female qualities because unlike as I said in point one I firmly don’t believe in any way that you can have both and male and female biological nature. No, not even intersex people (but I’d accept the conversation from them— NOT just a random trans person).

Transgenderism depends for its very existence on the idea that there is an ‘essence’ of gender, a psychology and pattern of behaviour, which is suited to persons with particular bodies and identities.

This is the opposite of the feminist view, which is that the idea of gender is the foundation of the political system of male domination.

‘Gender’, in traditional patriarchal thinking, ascribes skirts, high heels and a love of unpaid domestic labour to those with female biology, and comfortable clothing, enterprise and initiative to those with male biology.

In the practice of transgenderism, traditional gender is seen to lose its sense of direction and end up in the minds and bodies of persons with inappropriate body parts that need to be corrected.

But without ‘gender’, transgenderism could not exist.

From a critical, feminist point of view, when transgender rights are inscribed into law and adopted by institutions, they instantiate ideas that are harmful to women’s equality and give authority to outdated notions of essential differences between the sexes.

Transgenderism is indeed transgressive, but of women’s rights rather than an oppressive social system.

― Sheila Jeffreys, Gender Hurts: A Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism (2014)

Patriarchy constructed sex roles/ 'gender'. Transgenderism upholds and enforces this patriarchal construct; transgenderism is dependent on 'gender' to exist.

Feminism abolishes the ‘gender hierarchy’/ the system of male power and women’s subordination to liberate women from patriarchy, whereas transgenderism inscribes this system into law.

The transgender challenge, [Karla Mantilla] says, is a ‘rebellion against women’s rebellion’ and works against ‘the liberation of women from patriarchy’; it is straightforward anti-feminism by social conservatives.

― Sheila Jeffreys, Gender Hurts: A Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism (2014)