Next time he gets sick, he should go to a hospital that tells him "there are two kinds of doctors. One spent years studying and learning to get a medical degree, the other is someone who identifies as a doctor. Both are equally valid. Your doctor will be the second kind, now don't you dare complain or we'll accuse you of hate and bigotry."

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Both are equally valid.

How can they be when they cancel each other out? They are mutually exclusive. One cannot be a woman because she is female, if being female is not a necessary critera of being a woman. Female people are saying "no, thank you" to changing the definition of our sex category to include members of the opposite sex category, please respect our position. We do not consent, so you should stop asking. And you certainly shouldn't be demanding.

There are two wolves inside of you.

One hates women.

The other hates women.

You are a misogynist.

I know someone who believes there are two kinds of women - biologically female women and biologically male women with “women minds”. And she cannot for the life of her explain to me what these two groups have in common such that both are women.

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I... biologically male women. Can there be biologically feline dogs and biologically canine cats.

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If this is true, then the same would apply to TIFs, female enbies, and "'queer girls" with "boi pussy". I believe Peter Tatchell gay. I bet he only dates "cis" gay men and I highly doubt that he would ever date or sleep with a TIF. It seems like he knows who a woman is when it comes to his sex life.

yes he is a gay rights campaigner and has also called for the age of consent to be reduced to 14 and made some iffy comments that are seemingly sympathetic to pedophiles.

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Yea, I recently learned that he's probably a pedophile. He's so disgusting and a POS. I guess it's not too surprising that he would a TRA

Men can suffer from discrimination, hate crimes, and rape too. I guess that means we all have to uNiTe!!1! because obviously we have the exact same struggles and experiences.