I love this anecdote but would take it a step up from “what a funny old lady” to reflecting upon the evolution of women’s liberation. Grandma couldn’t own her own banking account or line of credit without her husband’s permission. Divorce was both difficult to obtain and often too painful because the children almost always were given to their fathers. Secret stashes of cash were lifelines to married women in bad marriages, and the advise of wise older women to blissful young wives who couldn’t imagine the darker days that may come likely kept many women alive. Keep passing that torch and keep it lit, ladies. This is what we do and this is why I am here.

Excellently put. In addition, we talk a lot about protecting women from domestic abuse, emotional abuse etc but we don’t talk about financial abuse even as it becomes more common. As more and more women enter the workforce, there is a growing need for women with high salaries to protect their earnings from an epidemic of male grifters searching to marry a working wife and stay home playing video games all day. It’s a disturbing trend in some of my social circles to see high earning women shackled to “artist” “tech freelancer” and other useless low earning men who are clearly grifting and living off their GF’s income