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TRAs really hate women, don't they?

Yes, they do. Because of that body thing. The same reason all misogynists hate women.

Dude looks like a whole home grown terrorist.

Which is what TRA activity like this is, it’s terrorism against women. Asshole needs to be investigated and arrested.

how do you even take a picture like the one on the right and not be like. actually this is serving domestic terrorist energy, perhaps a bad idea. but obviously a rhetorical question since lack of critical thinking is the unifier of their whole group

Domestic terrorist energy 🤣 Not funny, I know, just jeezus these people…

oh wrow, I just found these videos..... lol... the difference in competence is made even more stark by the woman speaking in the video just a couple below this one....

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I'm not sure if it was intentional that they made the trans noose out of ribbons, considering a woman was accused of making a "TERF noose" by hanging suffragette ribbons from a fence. In any case, the "around the neck" part is EXTREMELY CLEAR messaging.

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Shit like this is what lead me to peak. In spite of the TRAs best attempts to portray radfems as shrieking right wing harpies, this rarely appears in actuality. It’s impossible to notice the disconnect between TRA portrayal of radfem activists and the reality, and when people notice this radfems immediately become more sympathetic to outsiders. Even men and women who are not particularly concerned with GC struggles, women’s rights, or TRA stuff will immediately sympathize with a group of passionate, calm, radfems who look like ordinary women over a group of unkempt TRAs who are dressed up like spree killers. One group is intimidating, another is not.

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A trans colored noose. Did that come free with your box of titty skittles?

Spread this comparison around. People need to see who the “evil TERFs” and “uwu trans (wo)men” really are.

Loved seeing the happy faces of young GC feminists...smiling...participating...enjoying themselves as they fight back against an evil ideology that's doing its very best to erase the sex class of women...their sex class...and demolish women's hard won sex-based rights.

Women are going to have to die for anyone to take this seriously. And even then.

A fucking coward who won't show his face. I support him being doxxed.

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