You know, I stopped reading Harry Potter after Book 4, but I just might pick it up again.

I stopped reading Harry Potter after Book 4

😱 blasphemy!!!! my favourites are 5/6/7 x

..seriously tho I have never heard of someone doing this- didn't think it was even possible to stop once you started lol

This was eons ago when the books were first released. I want to say the release of Goblet of Fire coincided with the release of the Lord of the Rings trilogy movies, I became obsessed with LotR and went on a LotR binge for years on end and never went back to HP. I still prefer LotR but I'm feeling the urge to finish the HP series.

To be honest, I was never that crazy about HP. I think I was just a bit too old for it when it came out. But I read every single one of them aloud to my kids. Twice. They adored them!

I did the same thing - I was too old for them when they came out but happened to be in the hospital so a friend got them for me as a distraction/ fun escape, and I did really enjoy them so have fond memories, but I finished up my treatments before the fifth one came out. Maybe I will take a second look now that my son is getting to the point where we should have them around anyway...

The fifth one is most relevant to real-life issues, IMO. It's all about the media pushing a narrative that doesn't exist and vilifying anyone who speaks the truth... very much like how the media treats Rowling these days, tbh. Definitely a great book.

I feel like 5/6/7 kind of 'grew up' (in terms of themes and complexity) with the target audience. Worth giving them a try :)

Recently re-read the series and honestly some of what happens in books 1 and 2 feels so silly and plot hole-y in retrospect! But I love them all the same.

Do it. Book five has so much character development and lore expansion.

FWIW, I thought book 5 was one of the best of the series, so not a bad idea. I’ve bought her mysteries just to be supportive. Part of why she can defend us without fear is her wealth.

✊👏👏 First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

JKR is at step three.

I get what she's saying but it will be kind. Because this is a men's movement, so while the actions themselves will be painted as wrong, the men and organizations (save a few patsy's) will walk away free.

They don’t care about history being kind to them, unfortunately.

When Donald Trump was president, did he care about how he was perceived? Yes, but- in the narcissistic mind, the problem is never that what they are doing is wrong, which is impossible, but rather, that it’s everyone else’s fault that they perceive what they are doing as bad. So Trump’s tactics were not to change his actions, but to defend them, and then claim that he was at the center of a hive of persecution when he got called out on it.

Genderism is no different. Being told that history will not remember you kindly, is interpreted as history having a problem, not them. Also, it’s combined with the narcissistic self-assurance that what they do is always right, and because of that, rules and standards are different for them. I’ve witnessed this personally with other narcissists in my life.

If, for example, you tell someone “That’s harmful AND illegal, you’ll get arrested,” their responses range along the lines of:

  • “Oh, what? You’re saying you’re gonna call the cops on me? What’s wrong with you? I thought I could trust you, but I guess you’re just out to get me like everyone else.”

  • “Well, it shouldn’t be illegal, and it’s not harmful in this case, anyway, and I shouldn’t have to face arrest for it.”

  • “No, I won’t. Once I explain why I did it, they’ll let me go. Otherwise, they’re in trouble for violating my rights.”

So pointing out that what they’re doing is shitty, is meaningless to them. They cannot comprehend a reality in which their behavior could possibly be shitty.

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J.K. Rowling, @ jk_rowling

If you think physical intimidation, assault, targeting opponents' employers and sending women death and rape threats are acceptable as long as it's your side doing it, you support those things, full stop.

I've not read harry potter but I bought the entire boxset to support JK, if I never get round to reading them I am not bothered tbh, I bought them to make a point and show solidarity.