I really hope that once this TIM shit is over with, women will remain furious and dedicate the same amount of energy to shutting down misogyny in other aspects of life. I’m talking a worldwide movement to advocate for working women’s rights, the rights of mothers to work and care for their children; the rights of gay and bi women, and the totally elimination of the male-led fossil fuel industry that is making the planet unlivable as well as the dispossession of male leech “businessmen” and billionaires. If the trans issue is what will get women permanently fired up and angry so be it

I recently had a conversation with someone who is as vocal, "out there" as I can think of... and she, behind closed doors, was making fun of the GenderSpeshuls to a degree that astonished me.


Tell me again why so many women have had to dredge up our worst experiences and put them on display to justify our need for privacy, dignity and safety when NO should be enough??

You can't call all of us TERFs, bigots, racists and fascists.

Well you can but you look very silly.

YES! “The time to speak out is now. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?” Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere. Now is the time to speak up 📢

I sense a slight change, more in England than Scotland or Wales, less elsewhere, but some stirrings of change in the US even. None in Canada, that I can see but maybe happening underground?

There's some activism going on here in Canada about men in women's prisons. Heather Mason is a large voice in that area. I'm sure there's more but like you say, probably underground.

Canadians are far too passive and most of the people I talk to have never heard about Bill C-16 or SOGI 1 2 3 or anything about men in women's prisons/sports. None of our news channels will touch this topic unless it's in support and we don't really have an equivalent of Fox News (which is usually a good thing).

I think once the U.S. peaks to the level of the U.K. and Europe, Canada will follow, though it'll take a-w-h-i-l-e afterwards. It just seems to be a pattern that as America goes, so goes Canada e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y. Although the reverse doesn't seem to be true as regards the U.S. adopting the good Canadian policies, like national healthcare and federal legalization of marijuana. But Canada will peak. It'll be a straggler/late bloomer after everyone else but Canada will peak.

We will have to eventually because Gender Ideology is a house of cards and most rational people won't support it. But I think we will have to vote out Trudeau and the Liberals (and not vote in the NDP) for that to happen.

The welsh ladies have been out in their numbers, lots of them spoiled their ballots with the “respect my sex” campaign recently, there was a post about it.

You’ll get a lot of gender specials in Swansea and Cardiff but they’ll be in the young uni areas, I can’t imagine it being prevelent in lots of wales and welsh ladies have got strong backbones to ward it off

Scotland I feel for because Nichola seems determained to have Scotland all aboard the trans train and she’s holding hands with that creep who runs a rape relief centre. I can’t imagine the Scottish people being all for it but I feel like the Scottish politicians sometimes just want to push for things for the sake of it

Tell me again why so many women have had to dredge up our worst experiences and put them on display to justify our need for privacy, dignity and safety when NO should be enough??


Individual women shouldn't have to dredge up their rape histories in order to justify having a woman only space or justify rejecting dick as a lesbian. Especially since it doesn't work and TRAs weaponize it against us

they hate no, they want reasons because they dont accept no, your not allowed to say no, that requires a level of social equality to be respected enough to sat no. they want reasons to question, to dissect and decide if you have a valid reason to say no because they ultimately think the decision is their choice not yours because you are a lesser being to them.

They are the epitome of “no means no until it means yes”