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Its so true. The gender special movement is the epitome of White, Western privilege. People with real problems don't have time for this shit. And girls in third world countries don't have the luxury of identifying out of womanhood to avoid being killed at birth, FGM, child marriage, etc...

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This is from TIA? The general sentiment is right, but the way it's written reads like boomer-speak.

Anyway, TIA, KotakuInAction, and Stupidpol are all subreddits where posters regularly make "TERFy" comments that get highly upvoted, with no repercussions from Reddit mods. Presumably because they're all mostly boys and men posting in those subs & the AGPs that run half of Reddit don't mind if men and boys aren't playing along w/their fetish, only if women won't.

This is called a fallacy of relative privation. Children starving in poverty and pronouns are not related issues. Bigger problems do not erase smaller problems. Consider this:

"Children are starving in poverty, people in the middle east are being bombed out of their houses, baby girls left to die because theyr'e the "wrong" sex - and this ignorant narcisstic got offended because somebody called her a slut."

Being called a 'slut' is "not as bad" as starvation and bombing, but does that erased the unethical impact of using a misogynistic slur?


What you want to argue is whether "misgendering"/ use of wrong pronouns is a problem to begin with without comparing it to irrelevant bigger issues. I recommend using different arguments.