Sex based pronouns are fact, not belief. That's like saying you believe the world is round.

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Thank you, well I understand that this is the only way that we’ve been able to make any legislative progress, I think it’s just a huge mistake to call facts beliefs, long term

This image is clearly advocating violence and directly causing self-harm /s Please remove it immediately and repent

~ violently shakes tambourine and …. drumstick?~ while screeching

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Image Transcription

[Yellow image with various cartoon human heads of diversity. Each of them have a text box.]

Boundaries sound like:

(Customized from) mellow doodles

I'm not comfortable talking about that with you, please stop.

My women's support group is for females, please respect that.

I need female medical practitioners.

I'm a lesbian, I don't date males, no matter how they identify.

I use sex-based pronouns for people, please respect my beliefs.

I do not consent to sharing a bathroom with males, no matter how they identify.

My child was born in the right body, please don't suggest they were not.

No thank you. I don't want to. I'm not interested.