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And in this best-case scenario the kid would be incredibly lucky to "pass" as a woman in the eyes of intoxicated men for a few years in his early 20s. That's it. That's the peak of the mountain for him.

He's unbelievably fucked after that.

Not like he will enjoy the sex during that time, either.

Really, the only thing to be gained from actually physically transing is being worshipped by trans allies. That's basically it. That vague feeling of "validation" whatever that is. Other than that, it's all around horrible.

The adult AGPs know why they don't want to get rid of their dick and testicles.

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Not like he will enjoy the sex during that time, either.

Imagine the kind of guy who would willingly stick his dick into an open wound and stay aroused. That pretty much limits the post-op dating pool to psychopaths.

And the mother knows (Jazz's mother, for example), that putting that hole, that wound, in her son is for the sole purpose of another man using it to get off. How can a mother think this is good?

A lot of men are super aroused while raping women so. Not too shocking or uncommon I don’t think.

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If you seen how a lot of homosexual TIMs speak, being some "straight" guy's fuck object is what womanhood and life is to them.

Yeah, most straight dudes looking for marriage want someone to have kids with, someone they don't have to worry about being outed as a man to their social circles. Best case for them is to find someone bi like Blair White did, and in that case they don't need early intervention, Blair transitioned as an adult.

And, if Jazz Jennings is any indication, the passing won't even last until his 20th birthday. 😥

This is what I don’t understand…the parents who open the doors for this to happen. I know that any resistance comes with a lot of social shame and maybe even losing your job. Schools and courts can also increasingly override a parent. But, at least for now we can still legally have conversations at home and so I still don’t get why more parents don’t get real with their sons. My best guesses are a lot of people are that brainwashed, or they are the types to plug their ears and pretend an obstacle or danger isn’t staring them in the face rather than acknowledge it, or you get into a pattern of your little prince having his way and this becomes sadly the next thing?

I can’t relate though, I’m prepared to go to war. I know I can’t win against institutions but I would look my son in the eyes and say, “Honey, have you truly thought about how your dick isn’t going to be there anymore? You won’t pee the same. You won’t feel aroused the same. You’ll only be able to have sex by having someone penetrate a hole that won’t expand and lubricate itself as a vagina does— it will never feel just like a vagina to a man, and you will obviously never bear children. You may never feel good during sex for the rest of your life, and no amount of medical care will ever bring your penis back or end your suffering.”

100% certainty in my heart, I’m carrying a baby boy inside of me now and there’s not a chance in hell he’d ever tell me he wants that operation and I wouldn’t go to absolutely brutal, gruesome places to knock sense into him. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t.

I would do the same. Son or daughter.

It's a parents' job. Sometimes to do a parents' job you have to say the unpopular thing.

They are told that their child will die without it, so in their mind they are doing anything to keep their kid alive. People can be unimaginably stupid.

That's the reason for many of them. But after watching Exulansic's break downs of I Am Jazz.... there's clear abuse there.

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She-Rex, @ RexDraws

Imagine messing with your little boy's brain chemistry, his bone strength, his growth, his sexual function... all in the hope that one day, when he grows up, he'll be passable enough that a heterosexual man will want to have painful, one-sided sex with him. Imagine that.

I have a working theory that most TIFs and TIMs don't use their new genitals for very long.

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It’s only worth it if the fam can cash in on a reality series

Truth! Also, your sons genitals are very unlikely to be able to undergo surgery because they will not be developed enough to operate on. And, knowing your baby will have to have a horrifically painful and entirely unnecessary operation. This is child abuse.