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Lol. Their argument is that "trans" is simply another identifier, like "old" or "black". Ok, so what does "trans" mean? It means something which is on the opposite side. "Black woman" and "Old woman" describe the type of woman but "trans woman" literally means "opposite of woman". SO NO FUCKING SHIT nobody thinks they're women! You cannot be both a transwoman and a woman! It's in the name itself!!!

And, any other qualifier would literally point to "male woman". Or, "not female woman". I'm headdesking so much I have a red mark!!!!

They also want all the stuff for trans people (like acting roles, beauty pageants, awards, groups, etc), and what women have.

Like even they somehow want both and yet demand everyone to think of them as women? fucking whack

Yeah because it's "intersectional". They are extra marginalised because they're women AND they're trans.

Except, they don't understand how venn diagrams work. The circle representing "all trans women" is outside the circle for "women". That's literally what "trans" means. The two circles DO NOT INTERSECT. So screw your intersectionality.

They aren't extra marginalised they're just extra stupid.