As someone who lost their mom to MS, I pray this is true and develops into a real treatment for this horrible fucking disease.

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Oh I hope I hope I hope it works. MS is so devastating.

It's very interesting what they're doing and hard to glean details from this lay report. Looks like they are using it in mice. It appears to stop the immune system attacking the areas of the central nervous system that get attacked in MS.

Symptoms stopped progressing and in some cases improved.

If they can even just stop the progression, it would be a complete game changer.

Will be awhile before human trials but this is the first remotely promising new treatment for MS in a very long time.

Maybe 2021 won't suck so much after all. This is great news. Please, please, let this vaccine be effective for humans...neuron diseases are awful.

I'll take any positives I can get! I'm no neurologist but I have had many patients with MS (and hltheir families) over the years. Canada is, for reasons we aren't clear on, one of the MS capitals of the world in terms of how common it is.

There was a vitamin D/daylight link proposed at one point - eg Scotland high prevalance also (but lower in Scandi countries). Could also be genetic, assuming Canada prevalance mainly in people of white european origin ?