Isn't this a little like allowing the fox to guard the henhouse?

I'm fine with people with, perhaps, an unsavory history who have completely reformed coming back to make a difference (former thieves helping people make their homes more secure or former substance abusers helping in rehab facilities, for example).

But sentencing people who may not be rehabilitated to something like this sounds like all kinds of bad ideas jumbled into one.

“Understanding what causes people to become involved in wildlife trafficking is crucial to preventing individuals and groups from becoming involved in the first place,”

Answer: money

How is this not just giving them insider education that they can sell back to the community?

This is beyond idiotic to do, they’ll just become better traffickers.

They aren’t gonna be reformed by this.

Put them in jail or reform them, don’t give them a job that just instills more opportunity for them to poach wildlife for trade.