I barely know what to say at her interview... she's the kind of woman who welcomed and made the male attention and sexual harassment her own, and revelled in it. For those of us who're lesbian - this is obviously not an option, nor should it be for our heterosexual sisters! Yet an eye opening interview overall.

i didn't read it like that at all, i read it as partly naive denial, but partly a coping mechanism. i've now reread it based on this comment and can totally see how it can be read in that way.

i did not like the way she dismissed accusations of sexually inappropriate behaviour in men she knows though. we find it so hard to be believed and being dismissed like that has a serious impact on victims.

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“I didn’t notice any sexual harassment because I was receptive to all sexual advances. Other women are just too sensitive and repressed. I managed to draw the line at not letting a married man sleep with me, but otherwise I have no real boundaries with men who love bomb me since I desperately crave male attention and validation. Also, I don’t want any problems, cause I will be the one labeled a problem. So, it’s better to just go with it and pretend there aren’t any problems here. Plus, the denial helps me cope with it all.”

This is really hilarious and accurate. I think this magical woo woo thinking isn't helpful for other women and can be downright harmful.

Sadly, I have met successful women who think this way in every job I've ever had.